Dick Summer

Dick Summer, 95.5 WPLJ New York | 1973

Recording Date: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 95.5 WPLJ (WABC-FM) New York (Wikipedia) (Website) Branded: “Rock ‘N Stereo” Format: Freeform Album Rock Ownership: The American Broadcasting Company / ABC (Current:) Cumulus Media Sister Stations: 770 WABC/WABC-TV 7 (Current:) 770 WABC/WABC-TV 7/94.7 WNSH/103.9 WMBN Featured Air Personality: Dick Summer (WBZ/WPLJ/WNBC/WYNY/others) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Total Time: 12:25 (Telescoped) #1,576 If you’re 90 years old this Spring and you’re getting married, I suggest you be very careful… Curator’s Notes: If you’ve never heard the beginnings of Freeform Album Rock, this will be quite a shock. There’s almost no trace of any real ‘hard’ rock here. Plenty of album cuts and...

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