Glen “FM” Stevens

Glen ‘FM’ Stevens; Ken Gilbert, WAQY “Wacky 102” Springfield | Summer, 1980

Thanks to Wacky jock Ken Gilbert, here’s about 10 minutes of he and Glen “FM” Stevens on one of the northeast’s greatest FM Top 40 outlets ever (in your webmaster’s humble opinion), Wacky 102! WAQY was about a year away from flipping to AOR, and still using the late-70s era Wacky jingles – of which I can’t figure out who produced them (TM maybe?). Wacky 102 still sounds like the powerhouse Top 40 outlet we remember, with lots of personality, a wide VARIETY playlist (and that’s really what Top 40 was all about), mixing everything from soft pop to hard rock – everything that was a hit got played. Many years ago, site friend Rick Kelly ( described the downfall of Wacky 102 this way… (paraphrasing here, because ...