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The Demo Never Sent: Mike Hotaling, Classic Rock Demo 102.3 WXCR Albany NY

Date of Recording: Unknown Station: 102.3 WXCR Albany, New York Featured Air Talent: Mike Hotaling Contributor: Mike Hotaling Date of Submission: 08.26.2016 I just found a jem thanks to the cat All kidding aside, finding an almost 20 year old demo tape seemingly out of nowhere can either bring pleasant memories or nightmares. In this case, Contributor Mike Hotaling says, “dont know….was going to send it as an audition tape…very late 90s….then said im out of radio for good…was pissed at clear channel lay offs…” Now, if I were a prospective Classic Rock PD… Classic Rock, Active Rock, Alternative… I’d tell you, “Mike, you’re a perfect fit for the format”. Love the voice, you’re on topic. I like it”. But ...

Mike Hotaling, Halloween Night – Classic Rock 102.3 WXCR Albany NY (Ballston Spa) | October 31, 1998

Here’s one Contributor Mike Hotaling sent in of his Halloween show on Classic Rocker WXCR Albany. This is a fun aircheck. There’s apparently a whole group of staffers in the studio with Mike this particular evening and they are having a good time as Mike serves up a generous dose of hard rock classics, from Rush to Zeppelin and plenty of 70s & 80s classics. Webmaster’s Note: The logo shown here is incorrect. This version of WXCR is from New Martinsville, West Virginia. In fact, WXCR was first used on a station in Florida at 92.5, then arrived in Albany (Ballston Spa, officially) where they stayed till May of 2000, when Clear Channel took over ownership and imported their “Kiss” branded CHR format. The calls became WKKF – they and the format remain t...

Mason & Sheehan, WXCR Classic Rock 102.3 Albany NY | July 1998

Description by Contributor Mike Hotaling: I found about 5 minutes or so of Mason and Sheehan on the end of one of my tapes in that big box in my closet. Albany area folks will remember them as the long time morning team on WPYX (PYX-106). This was them on WXCR which they came over to in the late 90’s. I think how I caught this is because I forgot to take the tape out of the skimmer the night before!

Mike Hotaling, “Tornado Warning” – WXCR “Classic Rock 102.3” Albany | May 30, 1999

Mother nature has not been nice to much of the country this Spring, with one of the worst tornado outbreaks in over 25 years in parts of the South, flooding in the nation’s midsection, It’s just been awful. So, what happens when things turn ugly, and you’re the jock on the air? Contributor Mike Hotaling had just such an experience back in 1999 during the Mechanicsville (NY) tornado that wiped out parts of the small Albany suburb. Hotaling describes his experience this way: “Back 15 years ago or so when Rock Radio still had “live” jocks on the weekend, I was on the air. The tape starts out innocently enough. The weather is beautiful, we have jocks out on remote, I’m putting phone drops on the air, etc.. By the end of the tape, though, you will hear ...