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Mike Hotaling, WQBK Albany” 103-5/103-9 The Edge” – November 2, 1997

Mike Hotaling submitted this self-airchecks, saying he just found it after all this time. One of Mike’s final shows on The Edge and it sounds really good! Hotaliing explained that the station was sold and after the sale, The Edge fire most of the airstaff and wound up being a satellite feed. Before long the station ended up changing formats. When the staff was let go, Hotaling says, “That’s when I left radio for good, in disgust”. Enjoy this scoped slice of 103-5/103-9 The Edge, from a time when Alternative was all grunge and the competition to this station was Classic Rocker WPYX, “Pyx 106. Aircheck #1,235 since May 2, 2002 Advertisements

Mike Hotaling, WQBK/WQBJ “The Edge” | March, 1997

Here’s another skimmer tape of Mike Hotaling on Albany’s Alternative 103.5 The Edge. Hotaling is live at the studio and Kelly McNamara is at a live remote after having more than a few drinks. Mike wrote when sending this in, “…note as the phone breaks went on how much fun I was having getting clearly drunk staffers at the remote wound up… live radio was the best!” I think most radio people, if they were in the business long enough, had similar events go on. That rarely happens now. 🙂

Mike Hotaling, WQBK/WQBJ “The Edge”, Albany NY | Winter 1994

Description by Mike Hotaling: “Here’s a check of WQBK/WQBJ The Edge, Wintertime 1994. Lots of phones, good quality. Towards the end of this one is my interview of local Albany TV legend Ralph Vartigan. It is a great trip down memory lane as Ralph talks about the early days of television. I’m so glad I somehow saved this one.”

Mike Hotaling, WQBK 103-5/103-9 The Edge Albany

Contributor Mike Hotaling sent in this great ‘check of himself on the now-defunct 103.5/103.9 “The Edge” Alternative simulcast. Undated (as of this writing), this sounds to be a late-90s recording. Lots of phones and a clear, almost CD quality aircheck, this features Mike putting some real personality into a format that usually features great Rock… but hardly anything but jock promos and liners. I think that’s what makes this a fantastic aircheck. I’ve heard Alternative and Classic Rock stations all over the country and rarely do you hear anything outside the morning show that sounds as good as this. Take three quarter hours of your time, won’t you… and give Mike Hotaling your attention!

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