Annapolis MD

Billy The Kid, 99.1 WHFS Annapolis | May, 1997

From the old Modern Rock/Alternative 99-1 HFS comes this scope of someone called “Billy The Kid”. Not sure of his real name (somebody knows). Fans of HFS will likely enjoy this. Please feel free to fill in the blanks as to the airstaff during this time frame, your favorite events/jocks, etc. WHFS and WIYY Baltimore seemed to have very similar formats around this time, although “98 Rock” had classic rock cuts in rotation. Currents were Alt-heavy on both stations. Today, 99.1 is All-News WNEW

Rock 103 WHVY Grasonville/Annapolis MD | 1992

Contributor David Varnell sent in about a half-dozen airchecks from the Mid-Atlantic region and this one, while short, piqued my curiocity. WHVY first took to the air on 3/25/1991 and featured the format heard on this aircheck – mainly new, Alternative Rock music. The format had stiff competition from 99.1 WHFS, with it superior signal and deeply entrenched audience. Sometime after this recording, the call letters were changed to WXZL, while the format remained mainly currents, the Rock music shifted to Heavy Metal instead of Alternative. Sometime in 1994, the station changed call letters again, this time to WRNR – and these call letters and the ensuing AAA format would last for a while, in fact, it remains to this day (as of this writing).