Sample: 92.9 WZGC Atlanta | Date Unknown

Contributor Jay Sawyer sent this in without comment. From sometime in the 1980s, the old “Z93” CHR station is sampled from the weekend airing of American Top 40 with Kasey Kasem. The voice, we assume, is that of the contributor, doing the Top Hour IDs and the two weather breaks. And that’s all you hear from this less-than-two-minute sample from an era long gone. Aircheck #1,392 since May 2, 2002!

Jay Sawyer, 104.7 WALR Atlanta | 1990

New Contributor Jay Sawyer checks in with something different from the Atlanta market. We looked up WALR and found a confusing description online about the station being mainly an Urban outlet, and with different call letters around the time that this recording was made. So, we asked our Contributor for a few more details. Jay wrote back, and he recalls: WALR 104.7 was a signal brought to Atlanta from Athens, GA. They were originally going on-air in 1989 but the FM tower fell…..TWICE. Around 1990 I started working there for just over a year when I believe Dickey Broadcasting decided to sell the station. I was then out of work. When I was there it had a “Light Rock” format in the middle of what B98.5 FM (WSB) and Star 94FM (WSTR)’s format. The new owners then changed...

Steve Davis, 99.7 WARM Atlanta | 1986

Description by Karl Phillips… Power 99.7 – when it was new, it was not WAPW, it was WARM “The New” Power 99.7. Here’s Steve Davis in Atlanta in 1986. Note: This station later became Alternative WWNNX 99X

QuickCheck: Mark Stewart on WZGC Z-93 Atlanta | 1986

Courtesy of Karl Phillips, it’s not long and it’s not the best audio quality but here’s a bit of Mark Stewart on Atlanta’s longtime CHR leader, Z-93!

Format Change: “New Rock” 99X Atlanta is Born | October 26, 1992

Courtesy of Karl Phillips, who sent in a ton of airchecks on reel, here’s one on cassette captured when former Atlanta CHR WAPW “Power 99” flipped to New Rock as 99X. On the tape you’ll hear the old call letters still in use (not WNNX, as this would become), buried in a legal ID buried in a stopset later in this aircheck. The 99X monikker launches just a few minutes into this scoped format change. At about 12:45 in, you’ll hear… “and now, for posterity, this is the last time you’ll hear…” and the Power 99 jingle played. Very smooth! Now, your curator has heard a ton of format changes, but this was very classy. They originally kept the CHR jocks during the transition to Rock. Only the name and the music changed. Of course, 99X beca...

Composite: 79 WQXI Atlanta | September, 1966

There’s a reason why industry experts in the 1960s and early 70s chose WQXI as the southern leader in the Top 40 format, and much of it is on exhibit here. If you can get by the scratchy sound of this recording, which sounds as if it was made on a table radio tuned somewhat off-frequency, you’ll enjoy the format and the sounds of the major personalities of “Quicksie in Dixie” right here! From Contributor Robyn Watts, right off a no-name tape with only a set of call letters for each exhibit and the approximate date, WQXI is heard through various parts of its broadcast day. Even includes portions of some newscasts. The Jocks, in order, are: Red Jones Dr. Don Rose (later on KFRC) Tony Taylor (WOR-FM New York) Patrick Alouicious Hayes Old commercials for Atlanta area bu...

Tony “The Tiger” Taylor, 79 WQXI Atlanta | April 1, 1965

…You’ve got a tiger in your tank! Now, just added to the world’s LARGEST collection of WQXI airchecks, this fabulous 30 minutes scoped recording of Tony ‘the tiger’ on Quicksie in Dixie and those wonderful PAMS jingles! This comes to us from our friend Matt Seinberg, a trusted source of classics! It’s April Fools’ Day and Taylor says someone’s playing a trick since he can’t get the Beatles in for an encore performance… actually the record seems to not wanna play at the start of this aircheck but he gets it working with a perfect talkup. You’ll hear plenty of classic commercials and Taylor’s top 5 countdown. Audio quality is quite good, it’s the reception that has a bit of noise on it, as it sounds like WQXI was r...

J.J. Jackson, 97.1 WFOX Gainsville (Atlanta) | April 7, 1987

Courtesy of California Aircheck via Robyn Watts, here’s J.J. Jackson’s morning show on Fox 97. The station slogan at this time is “Fox 97, playing the Classic Hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s” Newsworthy on this date: Sonny Bono is running for mayor of Palm Springs and Suzanne Somers announced her support for him. Bill Alexander has your Fox 97 Traffic, Alan Archer checks the forecast…

O’Brien In The Morning, WSB-FM B-98.5 Atlanta | April 7, 1987

We often think about the late 1980s as not that long ago. After all, most of us remember the 80s… MTV when it played music videos, hits from Madonna, Steve Winwood and more. But, it really was a long time ago. As of this posting, it was almost twenty-six years ago when Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Marvin Hagler for Boxing’s heavyweight championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. And just how do we know this? Because they mention it in this bit from the O’Brien In The Morning show on the old B98-5! Corrie Dean reports two quick newscasts in this scope. Weather by Channel 25 Meteorologist Ernie Johnson. Take note of the events of the day in this high-quality aircheck taking us back to 1987! Today, the WSB-FM call letters are on 95.5, and the FM simply simulcasts the News/Talk format o...

Composite: WZGC Z93 Atlanta

Contributor Karl Phillips checks in with yet another Atlanta offering. Going WAY back to 1973, its just about the beginnings of WZGC (92.9 FM), the station known as Top 40 Z-93. This is a composite, featuring Brian Drake from ’73, Jerry Cook from 1974, Ross & Wilson from 1979, Randy Reeves from 1979 and Dale O’Brien from 1979. The audio quality isn’t really that good and we tried to clean this up as much as possible by nulling out the left channel and remastering to mono (the left side was terribly distorted), but there is still a lot of noise in this final cut. Such is sometimes the case with these old tapes.

Composite: 970 WIIN Atlanta | 1970-72

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Karl Phillips, we now have a decent composite of a station that was top 40 for a time, Album Rock for a time and easy listening for a time, before becoming an FM Rock simulcast and then a Christian talker, which the station is today under the call letters WNIV. Our Contributor writes: “…(Here is) a cassette from 1972 from WIIN 970 Atlanta of Skinny Bobby Harper – Jim Randall, Bob Middleton and Robert Baughn – then some more of Jim Randall and Jim Rich from 1970. WIIN 97 was a peanut whistle 1000 watt daytimer here in Atlanta back then.” And in steep competition with runaway Top 40 format leader WQXI. Its a wonder the station competed at all.

MicroChexx: Rhett Walker & Dickie Shannon, 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1976

Wow this is short but what an incredible glimpse to the giant of a radio station WQXI was even in the mid-1970s! Here’s a couple of breaks from my old friend (from Memphis) Rhett Walker, and a couple of quick breaks from Dickie Shannon. This rocks, and so did WQXI! Thanks to longtime contributor Karl Phillips for sending in a few more tapes to add to his collection!