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Composite: 79 WQXI Atlanta | September, 1966

There’s a reason why industry experts in the 1960s and early 70s chose WQXI as the southern leader in the Top 40 format, and much of it is on exhibit here. If you can get by the scratchy sound of this recording, which sounds as if it was made on a table radio tuned somewhat off-frequency, you’ll enjoy the format and the sounds of the major personalities of “Quicksie in Dixie” right here! From Contributor Robyn Watts, right off a no-name tape with only a set of call letters for each exhibit and the approximate date, WQXI is heard through various parts of its broadcast day. Even includes portions of some newscasts. The Jocks, in order, are: Red Jones Dr. Don Rose (later on KFRC) Tony Taylor (WOR-FM New York) Patrick Alouicious Hayes Old commercials for Atlanta area bu...

Tony “The Tiger” Taylor, 79 WQXI Atlanta | April 1, 1965

…You’ve got a tiger in your tank! Now, just added to the world’s LARGEST collection of WQXI airchecks, this fabulous 30 minutes scoped recording of Tony ‘the tiger’ on Quicksie in Dixie and those wonderful PAMS jingles! This comes to us from our friend Matt Seinberg, a trusted source of classics! It’s April Fools’ Day and Taylor says someone’s playing a trick since he can’t get the Beatles in for an encore performance… actually the record seems to not wanna play at the start of this aircheck but he gets it working with a perfect talkup. You’ll hear plenty of classic commercials and Taylor’s top 5 countdown. Audio quality is quite good, it’s the reception that has a bit of noise on it, as it sounds like WQXI was r...

MicroChexx: Rhett Walker & Dickie Shannon, 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1976

Wow this is short but what an incredible glimpse to the giant of a radio station WQXI was even in the mid-1970s! Here’s a couple of breaks from my old friend (from Memphis) Rhett Walker, and a couple of quick breaks from Dickie Shannon. This rocks, and so did WQXI! Thanks to longtime contributor Karl Phillips for sending in a few more tapes to add to his collection!

Gary McKee on 79 WQXI Atlanta – Full Morning Show | 1972

More McKee fun! Here’s one complete, scoped morning show from sometime in ’72. This is courtesy of our old site pal Karl Phillips (and we thank him greatly!). Transferred directly from 7 1/4 inch reel played on an old Wollensack graciously loaned out to us by my good friend, voiceover guy Jack Parnell, this aircheck is presented in unbelievable, stunning audio quality! It runs 58 minutes, and while there are pauses in the recording, this is so good I decided to leave this recording completely untouched by processing and digital splicing. Just listen, and see why both Gary McKee and WQXI are our most searched and played selections!

Gary McKee on 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1973

WQXI kick the can time…… 8:47 Aaaah for the days of AM top 40! Check out Gary McKee on WQXI. McKee claims to be the ‘mouth of the South’… a description Rick Dees would use later at WHBQ. Anyway, it was time for something totally different, and for those who’ve requested WQXI – this one’s for you.

Don Cox on 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1972

It’s the natural progression of the WQXI broadcast day – Don Cox following Gary McKee on WQXI! Actually, it was next up on the same reel containing Mr. McKee from the same day. More great audio quality, but a few splices from me because for some reason, the person recording decided not to tightly scope this one as was the case for the McKee portion of the tape. No matter, this is great, albeit short. More Quicksie for the fans!

Gary McKee on WQXI Atlanta | 1974-1976 Part 2

Part two of this fantastic exhibit is yet another 45 minute scoped presentation, with more McKee silliness and morning laughter. But…. McKee is on vacation! And, who is the sidekick? We’re sure our visitors know quite well. Our statistics show that Gary McKee and WQXI are our most-streamed airchecks, so listen now and find out why!

Gary McKee, 790 WQXI Atlanta | 1974-1976

Now, as promised, Morning guru Gary McKee on 79 WQXI! This comes to us courtesy of new Contributor Lewis Cosby. Lewis is the President and GM of WMAK TV 7 Knoxville and was kind enough to send us a couple of CD’s worth of the legendary morning man himself. Apologies to all for the delay, we had an FTP problem with our server that prohibited us from uploading for a few days.

Composite: 79 WQXI Atlanta | September 1966

It’s old but it’s a great cross section of talent, some of whom include Dr. Don Rose (KFRC) and Tony Taylor (WOR-FM)! This is mid-60s WQXI, with lots of reverb, cheesy pop tunes and tons of PAMS jingles! Since we’ve become the de-facto WQXI historical site (WQXI is our most popular station according to stats), this one is for the fans!

Simon Trane on 79 WQXI Atlanta | May 1969

Our second Simon Trane aircheck – we have lots of fans waiting for this. Less than a half hour in length but we think you’ll enjoy going back to the 60s, as WQXI played LOTS of Motown! Another, courtesy of Karl Phillips.

Mike Dineen, 79 WQXI Atlanta | July 20, 1969

Return with us back to Mike Dineen’s morning show. Mike makes mention of the Apollo astronauts ‘floating’ back to Earth at 3,000 miles an hour. The news mentions Vietnam, Chappaquiddick and MLK Jr’s brother. This turns out to be quite an historic reel, judging simply by the news headlines. Lots of old commercials on this one, too.

Bob Bolton, 79 WQXI Atlanta | August 1969

Another on reel from Karl Phillip’s collection of goodies… Bob Bolton from his show, Summer ’69.

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