970 WIIN

Composite: 970 WIIN Atlanta | 1970-72

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Karl Phillips, we now have a decent composite of a station that was top 40 for a time, Album Rock for a time and easy listening for a time, before becoming an FM Rock simulcast and then a Christian talker, which the station is today under the call letters WNIV. Our Contributor writes: “…(Here is) a cassette from 1972 from WIIN 970 Atlanta of Skinny Bobby Harper – Jim Randall, Bob Middleton and Robert Baughn – then some more of Jim Randall and Jim Rich from 1970. WIIN 97 was a peanut whistle 1000 watt daytimer here in Atlanta back then.” And in steep competition with runaway Top 40 format leader WQXI. Its a wonder the station competed at all.