Danny Day, 1490 KNOW Austin TX | 1977

New Contributor Dan Stolper sent in an original, perfect quality recording of a station that apparently has been gone from the Austin market for quite some time – we can find little information about it through any of our research tools. Perhaps one of our listeners can fill in the details of this former Top 40 station. 1490 AM today is apparently KLGO Christian radio. Here’s Stolper, known on air as Danny Day in what sounds like a short composite of a couple of different airshifts. The quality is superb, complete with jingles and just the slightest hint of reverb. Stolper writes: Here is a 1977 aircheck from KNOW Radio, The Rock of Austin, which was the leading top 40 station in that market. I was a student at The University of Texas at Austin while working on-air as Danny Day...