1290 WGLI

Glen Burnie & Richard Hamilton, 1290 WGLI Babylon NY | July, 1982

Its been a while since this tape contributed by Ira Warren Patasnik was sent in, but we here at Airchexx give everyone equal time. This is the Glen Burnie, Rich Hamilton show featuring our contributor as Glen Burnie. While the tape is un-dated, our contributor believes it to be from July of 1982. This tape is very interesting. Burnie and Hamilton are playing music from the 50s and 60s. Lots of Motown music, many of the songs even I don’t recognize. But… not just 50s and 60s music, you’ll hear some 70s hits and even some then Currents (Steve Martin’s “King Tut” sounds conspicuously out of place) But… I like it! After a few decades of watching Oldies stations water down their playlists to only a few hundred of the most popular mainstream oldies hits,...