Bethesda MD

Murray The K, 102.3 WHFS Bethesda MD | 1971

In one of the best FM recordings in terms of quality we’ve ever received from 1971, here’s morning man Murray Kaufman (aka Murray the K) on the old WHFS 102.3. Interesting thing about this station, it was the first station to broadcast in quadrophonic in the Washington DC area. Quad didn’t really catch on until the mid-70s, and even then, it never became very popular due to the scarce nature of receivers. UPDATE: Visitor Jay Schlossberg left an interesting reply in the comments (below) which sheds some new light on this unique radio station Reposting it here for information as follows: “There are a few factual inaccuracies here but the biggest one is that ‘HFS was never quadraphonic. The truth is that when it was launched as a mostly classical station (with a smatte...