1510 WMEX

Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg, 1510 WMEX Boston | December 12, 1965

Date of Recording: 12.12.65 Station: 1510 WMEX Boston, Massachusetts Featured Air Talent: Arnie Ginsburg Aircheck Entry: 1,427 Comments: When radio listeners in Boston think of early Top 40 radio in their city, they don’t think of WRKO. The early days were dominated by different stations. In Framingham there was 1200 WKOX, which did a faux-Drake format for a short time (along with it’s FM station at 105.7), and 1510 WMEX. WMEX had a decent signal, but it was highly directional. Like its later competitor, WRKO, WMEX could be heard well north up into Maine, but the signal was attenuated to the south and west to protect 1500 in Washington DC, and 1520 WKBW Buffalo NY, both of whom would otherwise get co-channel splatter from WMEX if it was non-directional. It’s those signal ...

The Jerry Williams Show. 1510 WMEX | April 11, 1961

The man known as “The Dean of Talk Radio” was captured on this rare recording made all the way back in 1961. The late Jerry Williams, probably the earliest controvercial talk show host in American radio, spent several years at what would be Top 40 pioneer station 1510 WMEX Boston. Williams’ career actually began way back in 1946, in Bristol, Virginia at WCYB. By the time Williams began doing his brand of talk radio at WRKO in the 80s, he was a household name in Boston and around most of New England, much of that due to an eight-year run nights on WBZ 1030 from 1968 to 1976. Jerry Williams had an abrasive manner on the air. He would frequently hang up on callers he didn’t like. Despite some crusades that he launched, such as getting a bill to repeal the Massachusetts...

Jackson Armstrong on 1510 WMEX Boston | February, 1968

Jackson Armstrong seems to be one of airchexx.com’s favorites – his name shows up in our search page almost as frequently as Dan Ingram – and little wonder why! One of the fastest talkers ever, Armstrong has a long history of gracing radio stations with his mouth, one of them being WMEX Boston. Here’s a young Jackson Armstrong with vocal cords engaged – certainly revving up WMEX – which at this time was in hot pursuit of WRKO. This aircheck literally rolls along at light speed! Listen how Armstrong plays the Rolling Stones jingle, then never misses a beat in ‘fixing’ it. You’ll also hear those custom PAMS jingle cuts exclusively for WMEX. The “Good Guys” were definitely cookin’ in Boston in ’68!