92.9 WBOS

Michael J. O’Brien; Larry Dobbs, 92.9 WBOS Brookline (Boston) | December 21, 1986

Before WKLB, WCLB, WBCS and even before Garth Brooks became known as a Country star, the station at 92.9 in Boston took on the unalienable task of trying to convince Bostonians that Country music was indeed a popular form of music worth their quarter-hours of listening time. But this was the mid-1980s and despite the success that WWYZ Waterbury CT would see when it entered the format just two years after this aircheck was recorded, WBOS only garnered mediocre ratings. Too bad, as this station sounded great in its Country incarnation. This was recorded by me, your webmaster, just a few days before Christmas at my parents’ house in Orange, Mass. Luckily for me, there had been a TV/FM roof antenna on the house that dad never used, but I did for picking up the Boston area FM stations. Th...