99.5 WKLB

Frequency Swap in Boston – Part 2: WCRB from 102.5 to 99.5 | 12:00 PM December 1, 2006

…”Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa, and his name is Greater Media!” Now on to part two of this simultaneous aircheck. Just for fun I thought it would be cool to put the 99.5 frequency on the right, and the 102.5 frequency on the left and hear it that way… but, well.. not. Way too confusing hahaha! Here’s the recording of 102.5 for your listening pleasure. And, yes. We are going to make you listen to 20 minutes of classical music going into the arrival of WKLB Country 102.5! It only helps to build excitement… plus, Classical is certainly in the public domain so we’re quite sure we’re safe on this one. This is exactly how it sounded at noon Friday December 1, 2006! Please, LISTEN to this entire aircheck. WKLB arrives right on time after the Nati...

Frequency Swap in Boston – Part 1: WKLB from 99.5 to 102.5 | 12:00 PM December 1, 2006

Writeup forthcoming – While I usually try to have a comment to go along with things we post here, the explanation of the WKLB/WCRB frequency swap is far too involved for me to finish writing at the moment. It will come, and we invite visitors to leave their own comments below. This is a major event in Boston, one that has taken over a year to accomplish. Our thanks to contributor Bob Nelson. This was a breaking aircheck at the time of its posting in ’06 Here’s the first part, monitoring of 99.5

‘JW’ in the Morning, Country 99.5 WKLB Lowell/Boston | January 9, 1998

From Webmaster Steve West – funny, the most obscure recordings I’ve posted of stations that might or might not even be interesting are right out of my own collection. I recorded this while working as a Temp at some place in Princeton, MA… some little factory that makes something I can’t even remember anymore. I was part of the office crew there. I remember my immediate supervisor’s name. Mike LaFave. That’s all I remember, except that I brought in a boombox and made a couple of recordings. This is one of them. Here’s a fun recording of WKLB when it was still on the 99.5 frequency. As Bostonians recall, the history of Country music on FM was pretty erratic, historically the format hasn’t done terribly well there, yet, WKLB remains – the ...

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