104.3 WJMK

Dick Biondi, Oldies 104.3 WJMK Chicago | 1993

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Robyn Watts, Here’s something from her collection of California Aircheck tapes. Tape #152 includes things from all over America and various formats. Towards the end of side one, this crystal clear recording of the former “Oldies 104.3” WJMK features a Chicago legend – the great Dick Biondi! Most will remember Biondi from AM 89 WLS in the early days of the station’s Top 40 format. Most recently, Biondi was on the current incarnation of Classic Hits 94.7 WLS-FM. This was recorded during a promotion called the American Bandstand weekend. Lots of mentions of Dick Clark but nothing heard from America’s Oldest Teenager. The air date of this, we estimate to be sometime in 1993. There are clues in this aircheck for those who are ...

Fred Winston, 104.3 WJMK Chicago | January 10, 1990

Somewhere below the cellar is Fred Winston’s voice. His on air charm and sense of humor are natural talents. Its Ratings Day and Winston tells Newsman John Priester he brought all three of his listeners from the World’s Largest Stockpile, er, WLS- which he couldn’t mention on Majic 104. Not that THAT would stop anyone on the air today but in 1990 some things were still sacred. Vicki is your personable traffic girl. What’s notable on this aircheck? Lots. First off, WJMK in 1990 was still a REAL, honest-to-goodness OLDIES station. No ponderous 70s/80s “Classic Hits” songs – which means no disco, no hard rock, and apparently, after listening to this you’ll note, not one song newer than 1972, and plenty from prior to 1964… Actually, 1958 is...

First Hour: 104.3 WJMK Chicago “Jack-FM” | June 3, 2005

In an attempt to re-brand 104.3 using it’s native call letters and a re-focus of the music in a more 70s directions, Oldies WJMK found itself in much the same position as it was three months prior when it dropped the “Oldies” monniker from it’s on air branding. The music had remained essentially the same era, 60s and 70s but the mix of 70s was raised slightly. It didn’t help. By June of 05, a sensational new format was sweeping across many places in the US and Canada. A format that began on a Canada-based internet station began to grab the attention of corporate executives at many radio stations, most notably, American based CBS/Infinity Broadcasting. On June 3, 2005, what many considered the unthinkable happened: the formats of Oldies WCBS-FM New York and WJM...

The End of Oldies: 104.3 WJMK Chicago | March 2, 2005

Here’s a recording of WJMK “in transition” from “Oldies” to “Variety Hits”. The actual format change wouldn’t come for three more months, but apparently what we have here, is an aircheck of the day WJMK dropped the term Oldies and just went with the call letters. This was the start of a new jingle package reflecting that. Three months later, “Jack” would arrive and turn the market on its ear. Listeners hated it, much like they did in New York City, when WCBS-FM dumped Oldies for Jack’s Variety Hits. But that’s for a later story.