96.3 WBBM-FM

Smokin’ Joe Dawson on B-96 WBBM-FM Chicago | September 2, 1986

Labor Day weekend 1986… not particularly memorable except perhaps if you were lamenting the fact that Summer vacation was over. Smokin’ Joe Dawson sent this in himself and explains that at this period in time, B-96 had no jingles! This was about a month before I left to go to Seattle to burn off a no compete before coming back to Chicago at WFYR. The powers that be had B96 sounding like a cross between ‘GCI and Q101 in their Hot AC days. More original audio from the site that brings radio back to LIFE!

Pat Reynolds, 96.3 WBBM-FM Chicago | July, 1990

Date of Recording: July, 1990 (Exact date unknown) Station: WBBM-FM 96.3 Chicago Featured Air Talent: Pat Reynolds Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,405 Comments: Its been quite a while since we posted something from the absolutely fabulous Robyn Watts collection but lets just say this was worth the wait! WBBM-FM’s nickname at this point in time was “The Killer Bee”, and B96 was really smokin’ here! The pace is lightning fast. There’s a couple of promotional spots in there which shows off the station’s killer production talents and creativity. The jingles were ultra modern – but we have no idea what package it might be from. Somebody knows. This is the first aircheck of Pat Reynolds. Don’t know who he is or what other stations he wor...

“Smokin'” Joe Dawson on WBBM-FM Chicago | February 4, 1986

Dawson’s pace is perfect for this high-energy taste of FM Top 40!. Remember, WLS was STILL a Rock station, so there was a lot riding on the success of WBBM-FM. And, as one of our visitors pointed out, this isn’t actually the Hot Hits!(tm) era, but quite ‘hot’ nonetheless.

Don Geronimo in the Morning on WBBM B96 Chicago | 1984

This next series of airchecks is courtesy of our old friend Matt @ Big Apple Airchecks. Look him up online if you’re willin’ to make a deal, pardner… Here’s DG on the ‘Bee’… and he sounds incredible here. Perhaps it was the processing that lowered his pipes an octive! Geronimo is heard elsewhere here at airchexx.com, on WLS, WPGC, WAVA and more. Simply click on his name at right.

Chicago CHR Wars 2 – “B96” WBBM-FM, “Z95” WYTZ & “Q101” WKQX | 1991

Part 2 of Robyn Watts‘ enormous contribution features the three hit music stations that Chicago sported as the 90s began. This is ALL CHR, and only ONE of these stations is still around in the same form it was back in 1990. The way this was put together, we get a couple of minutes with each station, then a ‘divider’ element, and on to the next. It goes round and round with each station sampled several times during this more than 30 minute scope. Q101 features ‘Your Man Calahan”. WKQX is more AC sounding and most likely is a HotAC station in reality than CHR, but the tape came in labelled “CHR Wars” so we’ll go with it. Brant Miller is Z95’s featured jock on the front of this composite and he sounds SO much like anything did on the old W...

Dick Biondi, WBBM-FM (B96) Chicago | January 1984

Who woulda thought Dick Biondi would still be doing Top 40 some 20+ years after his first gig at WLS? This is Chicago’s BIG CHR B96! Biondi is… well all i can say is it starts out a bit slow, at least for him. Just an opinion, mind you, but considering the various morning shows in Chicagoland in ’84, Dick Biondi, at least on THIS aircheck, sounds bland by comparison. Still, he has his moments, and for those of you who fondly remember, this extremely high-fidelity recording will bring a tear to your eye!

Chicago CHR Wars – WBBM-FM (B-96) vs. WYTZ (Z-95) | March, 1991

From the Robyn Watts Collection, (I’m sure this time LOL), it’s back to Chicago where the on air WAR between Z-95 and B-96 was as heated as anyone’s ever heard. Over on the ‘Killer B’, morning guys Eddie and JoBo are having a BALL! It’s ‘Confessions Wednesday’ and you’ll hear one caller who says she’s in the mob and almost got caught (real or made up? You decide). There’s a GREAT contest where B-96 gives away a CD player worth $300 bucks – listen to what they made this poor woman go through to win it! Talk about great contesting! Later, in the Z-95 portion of this aircheck, you’ll hear TONS of produced bits making fun of B-96, to the point of overkill. True to their claims, according to what we hear on this ̵...

Joe Dawson, Hot Hits ™ “96 Now” WBBM-FM Chicago | 1983

Courtesy of Contributor Keith Teicher, here’s 14 minutes of pure Hot Hits ™ heaven! WBBM-FM was known as “96 Now” in 1983. You’ll hear a generous dose of TM Fusion ™ jingles sung for WBBM-FM. It starts with the 96 Now morning show, then moves on to Joe Dawson’s late morning/midday show. Hot Hits fans will notice the rigid formatting in place at WBBM-FM. For some reason, this sounds more formal than the earlier version of Hot Hits that Mike Joseph instituted at WTIC-FM Hartford some 6 years earlier. Comments? Joe Dawson is one of our personal favorites… Joe is one of the most positive people and you’ll see that if you look him up on Facebook – his are the most encouraging posts you’ll read in a day!