1420 WHK

Imus in the Afternoon, 1420 WHK Cleveland | December 4, 1978

Date of Recording: December 4, 1978 Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Station: 1420 WHK Cleveland Featured Air Talent: Don Imus Aircheck Entry: 1,399 Send me to Cleveland… have you lost your MIND? The infamous words of Don “Imus in the Morning” upon his return to New York’s WNBC about nine months after this particular recording. Got your attention! If you think the Top 40/Rock Jock Imus was any less boring or irreverent in Cleveland than at WNBC, you’re in for a surprise. Outside of the I-man being in Afternoon Drive and the music being Country, not much else changed! Along with Imus in the Afternoon, “J.R. Nelson in Chopper One” and the right reverend Billy Sol Hargus! WHK was apparently VERY sold out, as this 5pm hour is loaded with commercials (k...

Short Composite: WHK Cleveland | June 1986

At just over 6 minutes in length, there’s not much that can be said about this short aircheck, other than it was an AM Oldies station in 1986 – a time when most AM stations had already quit the music race. Still, it sounds good, with a little thunderstorm static on the signal and a lake weather advisory. Chip Binder starts this off, followed by Barb Lincoln.

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