103.7 KVIL

Cat Simon on 103.7 KVIL Dallas | October 19, 1979

Now from the ‘annonymous’ donor file from two years ago comes this somewhat obscure recording of KVIL in the waning days of Top 40 before going to AC (and subsequently smashing the competition just like the top 40 days). Cat Simon is very entertaining – you’ll hear contests in the form of a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin giveaway, a car that gets 150 mpg (another, earlier gas crisis that we’re all familiar with), and some pretty cool jingles.

Ron Chapman, 103.7 KVIL Dallas | March, 1988

Here’s part of the Ron Chapman Morning Show on KVIL. Not much in the way of music here, but some beautiful jingles, lots of traffic reports and some news of the time. This is from before the station started calling itself “lite FM”. I’m impressed by the quality of Chapman’s show, and of the music segments heard (remember, all music is scoped), the variety of songs played. Many of these aren’t heard on the air anywhere today, thanks to ultra-tight over-tested music playlists, so enjoy this slice of North Texas radio KVIL from late Winter, 1988.