98.7 KNUS

Composite: 98.7 KNUS “K-News 99” Dallas | September 2, 1972

“KNUS… With the world’s Greatest Contest…” Once again, we go back to the Robyn Watts Collection for a real CLASSIC! You have one minute from the time your prize is announced to call in and claim it. Actually, you have to listen to see how this contest works. KNUS is the epitome of continuous contesting! When not playing the ‘World’s Greatest Contest’, the station is giving away albums, T-shirts and more! This is McLendon’s personality station, and its a serious lesson on how to do radio the RIGHT way! As always, listener comments are welcome!

Promo: The Great Rat Roundup– KNUS Dallas | 1978

Frankly, when this posted, your webmaster falsely assumed this was a big KNUS promo. Alas, the person who says he created this piece contacted us to set the record straight. Apparently this was *NOT* used on the air. Here’s what creator Bob Buchanan says about it: the roundup was NOT an on-air promo. it was something i created and voiced in an after hours production session. it was in response to the rats that had died in the mclenden theater/studios over the weekend when exterminators put out poison. by the way, it was done in 1978…not 79…while i had a brief stop at knus. i returned to kvil as ops manager until late 79. We stand corrected. But… GREAT PIECE!

Jim White / Tommy Kramer on KNUS 99 Dallas | 1972

KNUS 99 – 98.7 to be exact, was McLendon’s FM powerhouse. Originally slated to be an all-news station, and almost never to be because Gordon McLendon almost sold it in the 60s, KNUS turned out to be the SECOND successful Top 40 station, right behind (and later surpassing) sister KLIF 1190. Here’s two great jocks doing Top 40 in a style imitated by much of the RKO chain (NOT the other way around) throughout the 70s. It’s GREAT radio – no reverb, plenty of personality and some big contests for the time period.

Composite: KNUS Dallas | 1979

New Contributor Karl Ireland sent in some truly fascinating material for your listening pleasure. Here’s an un-dated station promotional composite of “FM 99” KNUS. Based upon the music, I’m guessing this is from Spring, 1979. Who’s the narrator? Listen to the voice very carefully and see if you can answer. This follows one broadcast day from Morning Drive through the end of the night.