Danbury CT

A Sample of Kix 105-5, WDBY Danbury CT (Patterson, NY) | October 6, 2013

For, perhaps, no reason whatsoever, here’s a 20 minute sample of “Today’s Best Country, Kicks 105-5” from Danbury, Connecticut. This is actually a Westchester County (NY) station with its primary signal covering from the northern New York City suburbs to Putnam County NY and into Southwest Connecticut. My suspicion is that WDBY is likely voicetracked, here on this Sunday afternoon, while half the audience is probably watching the NFL. Given the fact that when this station was launched, there was very little in the way of Country music available on the FM dial, this station served and still serves a niche audience, as Cumulus newcomer 94-7 Nash-FM (WNSH Newark NJ) has a spotty signal in areas to the north and east of the WDBY transmitter. What do you think? Good soun...

“Mr. 70s” Paul DiMarco, 98.3 WDAQ Danbury | September 16, 1995

“Mr. 70s” himself, Paul DiMarco contributed this aircheck of himself on WDAQ. It’s a 70s Saturday night and Paul plays the 70s classics, a specialty of his which continues today on the “Totally 70s” Internet station. The station was featured on Stickam.com, but Stickam went out of business a few weeks ago as of this writing. There is a new host and I will update this post with it shortly. Mr. 70s does a great, upbeat show, even here on this station which is just outside the New York City radio market. You’ll really enjoy this high quality aircheck which runs 18 minutes, scoped!

Big George Repco, Radio 80 WLAD Danbury | 1995

Recorded in 1995, just before Telcom ’96 all but destroyed local radio, here’s a very unique recording taken right off the original skimmer tape. Contributor Paul DiMarco told me that he was training on sister station 98Q, when George Repco walked by. Paul handed him a cassette, and we have this aircheck to prove that WLAD was not only a live station, but a darn good, full-service local AM station, broadcasting in AM Stereo (which as of this writing they still do!). This starts with Connecticut legend Dr. Mel Goldstein (WTNH NewsChannel 8) doing a local Danbury weather forecast. It moves right into Big George Repco’s show on this, a Classic Hits weekend… before the term and format “Classic Hits” was in vogue! This includes a full local newscast by anchor...

A Sample of Scott Shannon’s “True Oldies Channel”, 850 AM Stereo WREF Danbury, CT | January 20, 2011

Who says AM Stereo is dead? With all the talk about HD Radio and it’s associated pros and cons, we thought we’d highlight an exciting Oldies format (well, this should be classified as “Classic Hits”) done on an AM station that is STILL broadcasting in Motorola C-QUAM ™ AM Stereo. 850 WREF is a daytime-only station that suffers from a lot of interference during twilight operation. Still, it has a powerful signal that does cover about half the state of Connecticut. We can’t say how big the audience, in an area that is inside the footprint of Oldies’ WCBS-FM New York and WDRC-FM Hartford, but it does sound good, despite being noisy here at the Airchexx studios. This is Scott Shannon’s “True Oldies Channel” Satellite Network. It would...