California Composite | September 1991

Digging deep into the Airchexx archives, we find this two sided cassette donated by longtime contributor Nick Sarames several years ago. While I called this “California Composite”, this does include many other markets, mainly west of the Mississippi. Most of these include one or two breaks, then move on to another station. There are so many (maybe a hundred or more), it’s difficult to list in order, so you’ll just have to listen. Maybe your favorite is represented here. This covers most of the state of California, and some other markets like Denver, Las Vegas, Lansing, etc… and even Barstow, CA in the high desert. A very interesting collection to say the least. Enjoy!

Drake Davis Composite

What do we do with an aircheck that doesn’t fit anywhere else? Just post with very little comment. Actually, our newest Contributor, Drake McDonald Davis was kind enough to write the liner notes for this very short but high quality recording of some of his air work – and you can judge for yourself just how talented this gentleman really is! Drake writes: I had grown fond of hanging-out as a gopher at both 1240 KROY and competitor 1470 KNDE in the mid to late ‘70s. My mentor, legendary voice talent Toby Browning, had landed a gig at Rock Kandie 147 as a fifteen year-old after having had been the brains behind our high school station where all of this started for me [he was an absolute genius going on to perform transmitter maintenance at age nineteen for KNDE and has been the lo...

Dave Otto, KALC “Alice 105-9” Denver, Night Show | June 30, 2006

A radio station with a name – ALICE. Well, surely its a long way from Alice’s Restaurant but Arlo Guthrie would probably like this if he were listening today. Imagine, a live night show on a younger-skewing Adult Contemporary station. Thats what we have here, although one might suspect this is more of an audition for a GOOD sounding talent formerly employed elsewhere in the market. Okay, you listeners of pseudo-Top 40. Is this not pretty much the same fare as available in the same genre in any top 50 market? Well, maybe… perhaps better, if one considers the sound of New York City radio, which we find terribly bland today. Alice is upbeat, has character, and likes to gossip. But we’re STILL amazed at the sheer volume of Kelly Clarkson music in rotation. I mean, come ...

Big Dog Big Ron O’Brien, KZDG Denver | Mothers Day, 1993

A great jock can do any format, as proven here by Big Ron O’Brien.. heard here doing COUNTRY, of all things! But this is Big Ron and the approach is the same no matter what kind of music he plays. That personality just comes out. Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, here’s a side of Ron O’Brien we bet you never heard before… on a station, like the country fad of the mid-90s, is also gone, Big Dog Country!

The Morning Zoo, 104.3 KQKS Denver | September, 1989

A very tight and well executed format is our critique of the former CHR station known as “KS-104”. They don’t give their names, but the two jocks heard here are hosting the “Morning Zoo”. This is the end of the 1980s, a time when many CHR’s in different markets identified as “Zoo”, in some manner, either for Morning Drive, or sometimes as the station moniker. There’s lots of music (listen to how many cuts would fit in an Urban format!) played on this show, but there are some well produced elements present as well. A few minutes in, listen for the “Hollywood Sleaze”, with an opening liner from TV’s John Tesh. Incidently in that report among the stories, Jane Pauley announced that she’s leaving the “TodayR...

Dave Otto, 107.5 KRXY (Lakewood) Denver | 1987

Our first new aircheck for the Fall of 2015 features veteran jock Dave Otto, holding down the morning gig at the former Y108 Denver. KRXY-FM’s Morning show is fast paced, but a bit less structured as many of today’s Morning shows go. It appears that the show is more music-intensive than modern AM Drive slots go, as well. Listen for some interesting bits, the HUD Listings (really now, Denver must be THE place to live! For instance, $79,500 will buy you a large family dwelling with a 5 car garage!), and “Skywatch Traffic” reported by Jim Todd. This is only about 6 minutes long, but it is an excellent representation of CHR radio in the late 80s. 107.5 has been through many format and call letter changes since this station went away in 1993. Today its CHUrban “KS1...

Uncle Mike & Fisher, 1090 KLDR Aurora (Denver) | April 2, 1979

KLDR, Denver – “Someplace Special”. We’ve stumbled upon a short-lived AM music station which did evolve into Top 40 into the early 80s from this – whatever format this is. It sounds Middle Of the Road or Adult Contemporary, but really, A Beatles song covered by The Carpenters? In 1979? The morning show is “Uncle Mike & Fisher”, neither of whom ring a bell here, but someone out there knows for sure. Tim Kelly reads the News, Mike Wolf handles Sports. Today, KLDR is on 98.3 FM Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks Aircheck #1,354 Since May 2, 2002!

Willie and JoJo, 105.9 KALC Denver | February 10, 1997

Here’s a really FUN Afternoon Drive show! Not knowing much about these two jocks, I’ll let the audience comment below and fill in the blanks. Its the 5:00 hour and the topic of the afternoon is, “How did you meet your in-laws?” Just a few songs which are scoped out, and two very long commercial breaks, which we also took out, and this runs about 21 minutes.

Loren Owens on KIMN “Denver 95” | April 2, 1979

Here’s the longtime host of the current “Loren and Wally” morning show in Boston, at his prior gig in Denver. Owens has this really dry sense of humor that is evident in parts of this aircheck showcasing his morning show on KIMN. Morning shows were quite different back in ’79, just one guy doing a show filled with time & weather checks, full newscasts, traffic, etc… but not the Hollywood updates and other senseless babble that fills shows today. Owens really shines as a jock doing a morning gig here, and the same style is evident currently at 105.7 WROR Boston – only he adds a lot more comedy into the routine today. This is fun listening – at 19 minutes you really get a feel for KIMN and life in Denver!