950 KXJK

AM Music Holdouts – 950 KXJK Forrest City, AR | September 17, 2004

Who would have thought that any AM station was doing an independent, in house music format, post 2000? There were a few. Quite notably, Forrest City, Arkansas, had a daytimer on 950 AM which did have a full-time Classic Hits/Classic Soul station. KXKJ had a number of things going for it at the time of this recording. First, the signal covered an enormous amount of real estate. From Little Rock, through Memphis, TN and points north and south, KXJK could be heard all over the Mid-South, at least during the day. The station was also broadcasting in C-Quam AM-Stereo. When their stereo broadcasts began is anyone’s guess, but they still had the exciter on in 2004 when this was recorded. The station also had live jocks, at least during part of the day. Who knew that there would be a station...