Greenville MS

QuickChexx: 900 WDDT Greenville, Mississippi | 1973

Perform a web search for WDDT and about the only thing you’ll find now are the tower coordinates and a mention in the travel guide for Greenville MS. Although, we have to wonder why a travel guide. Is the WDDT tower some place on a historic map? One of the coolest pieces of history associated with WDDT is that way back in the early 1960s, the late Ron Lundy, who became one of the legendary 77 WABC New York jocks (and later, WCBS-FM 101.1), got his start at WDDT. And so it seems that every little AM station as SOME piece of its history tied to someone who made it big in broadcasting. Someone else who did real well in the business who was at WDDT was this aircheck’s Contributor, Rob Grayson. Here he is heard on this under 3 minute scope of WDDT, a station which in 1973 is using a...