Norfolk/Virginia Beach

M.J. Kelli, The Top 9 at 9; 97.3 WGH-FM Newport News VA | April, 1988

Listeners to today’s “Todd Schnitt Show” might be somewhat shocked to learn that this M.J. Kelli, is, in fact, the same person! At this point in time, WGH-FM had transitioned from AC WRSR to CHR within the previous year, and while the station sported high energy most of the day outside of morning drive, Kelli makes this simply the hottest CHR I’ve ever heard. This even tops anything I remember hearing on this site or elsewhere of Z-100 New York! Notice Kelli’s use of jingles and talkups into jingles, sped-up effects, phone calls, drop ins… pretty much everything in a classic Top 40 jock’s bag of tricks is heard here, as the aircheck begins a few songs before 9pm, and the callers voting for their favorite song. Then, the Top 9 at 9 Countdown, in its...

Russ Cassidy, WCMS “FM 100” Norfolk Va | February 17, 1988

…FM 100 WCMS, Your Station Of The Stars! In what might just turn out to be the only remaining aircheck of the old WCMS (AM 1050, FM 100.5), here’s a recording I made while living in Portsmouth, Va. I was stationed in Norfolk during the years 1985-1988, much of that time in the Naval shipyards in Portsmouth. WCMS was the leading Country music station in those years. Other stations came and went. For a time, there was WKEZ “Keys Country” at 94.1 on the Penninsula. Then, I think around 1987 there was WSKX, “Kix 106” on 106.9 in Suffolk. WKEZ lasted for a while. 106.9 did not. As I recall they went Classic Rock. The Norfolk market is much changed these days with the main Country station being WGH 97.3. WCMS no longer exists (but the call letters are in use a...

Dan O’Brien, 1310 WGH Norfolk Part 2 | 1977

Here’s more of the Dan O’Brien morning show on 1310 WGH-AM. Notice lots of commercials, news updates, and a lack of jingles. But, that’s the way they did it in this Hampton Roads powerhouse!

Dan O’Brien, 1310 WGH Norfolk | 1977

It’s been said that the call letters WGH stood for “World’s Greatest Harbor”. Perhaps, in the early days of broadcasting. And it’s true in the sense that Hampton Roads, in general, has perhaps the best harbor in the U.S., with a quarter of the U.S. Navy stationed there. But, in the world of radio, WGH holds a special place in the greater Norfolk area. It really WAS Hampton Roads’ first Top 40 radio station (a slogan that WGH-FM would later use in 1987-89). As evidenced here in this 45 minute example recorded in 1977, WGH in true Top 40 fashion played it all. Rock, Disco, slow ballads… and some great personalities. Here, we listen to Dan O’Brien. Your webmaster knows very little about this era of Hampton Roads radio, so we’re asking list...

A Sample of 102.9 WOWI ‘103-Jamz’ Norfolk VA | September 2, 1996

Side two of the recently-posted WNVZ ‘Z104’ tape is from the same day. Here’s 103-Jamz, an Urban station that’s been in the market over three decades. As with most HipHop/R&B stations, there are no jingles here, but there is some light imaging – not overused. On the unscoped version, the master copy here in the Airchexx studio, you hear a lot of dead segues and perfect mixes – there just had to be a set of turntables in this studio! But what really stands out are the personalities. They are a perfect fit with the Urban music and Urban lifestyle. Its something that has made 103-Jamz remain a top contender in the market, where nearly half the listening audience is in the Navy!

Sean O’Brien, WNVZ ‘Z104’ Norfolk, VA | September 2, 1996 – 1:00 AM

This virgin cassette hasn’t been traded anywhere but to us here at Airchexx – it’s the Mainstream CHR format at Z104 Norfolk. We hear Sean O’Brien doing a really GOOD overnight show – hey, this is ’96 and they were still live 24/7! No voicetracks heard here! Its nice to hear Z104 with small stopsets, they get right in and out of spot breaks in under 3 minutes and quickly return to music. There are no jingles, as there were a decade before during Z104’s “Hot Hits” ™ Top forty format under consultant Mike Joseph, but here there are plenty of sweepers done ad nauseum to try and make Z104 sound larger than life. Some like these, but your webmaster isn’t especially a big fan (I think its too fake sounding). Still, for an overnigh...