1410 WPOP

Frank Holler, 1410 WPOP Hartford | May 18, 1969

AM was still king in Hartford and all around the USA when this recording of WPOP was made. Now, unless you’re intimately familiar with the Bill Drake “Boss Radio” Top 40 format, you probably think this is his handiwork. Someone out there knows for sure, but it sure sounds like WPOP ran a Drake knock-off format right down to the jingles. We know Bill Drake programmed KYNO Fresno, KGB San Diego, KHJ Los Angeles, KFRC San Francisco, WOR-FM New York (Pre 99X), WHBQ Memphis, WRKO Boston, CKLW Windsor, Ontario and KAKC Tulsa. There might be others… we know that when teamed up with Gene Chenault, Drake/Chenault programmed a number of radio stations, both automated and live with various music formats, most notably the Contempo 300 AC format. But we’re getting off trac...