620 WJDX

Composite, 62 WJDX Jackson MS | Early 1970s

“I’d like to play this song for Henry Kissinger… he’s having some trouble getting his act together“ Curator’s Notes: Hot off the presses from Contributor Rob Grayson is this clean and mostly high quality recording of 62 JDX back in the early 70s. My guess without asking would be around 1973 or so, as the reference to Henry Kissinger points to Watergate being underway. No matter. This aircheck moves along very quickly. The jocks featured here are listed in order: Dave Donoway Rodney W. Randall Kramer Hash (not quite sure if this is his name or not) Brian Harrigan Bill Cruz Jim Chic Sounds like a Drake station to me! Listen for the RKO TOH midway through voiced (it sure sounds like) by Bill Drake!

Dennis Jon Bailey, 620 WJDX Jackson MS | 1976

Date of Recording: 1976 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 620 WJDX (WJDS) Jackson, Mississippi, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Dennis Jon Bailey (WJDX/WRKO) Contributor: Rob Grayson (WHBQ/WKTQ/WMQM/WJDX/WMPS/WMC/WMC-FM) Airchexx Entry: 1,476 …Gonna go back to the days when revolution was COOL! Comments: Contributor Rob Grayson writes: “From before WRKO, and long before he won a Marconi Award, DJB already had it…”. With that intro, you know this is gonna be good! 62 WJDX may have been way down in Mississippi but it’s fantastic AM Top 40 in the same league as WRKO Boston, KHJ Los Angeles and even 79 WQXI Atlanta. BIG city sound and a really great radio station in it’s prime. Seven minutes and fifty-two seconds of pure radio bliss. You will enjoy ...

QuickChexx: Bob Gray, 620 WJDX Jackson, Mississippi | 1976

Our friend and Contributor Rob Grayson was, indeed, in Jackson MS before landing his prime gig at 56 WHBQ Memphis. Sent in with no fanfare or description, this is, nonetheless, the first recording of music radio in the deep south, and it really shows that talent and good programming was heard all over the nation in the mid-1970s! Grayson is known here as Bob Gray. Note the energy. Even going into Dorothy Moore’s “Misty Blue” it sounds like Gray is having a lot of fun. It makes the station sound fresh and exciting. And we can’t help but compare today’s so over-produced and bland liner card, voice-tracked stations to even THIS medium market station which sounds so refreshing to hear all these years later. The audio quality is superb, as well.