Kansas City

Ronnie Philips, KBEQ Kansas City | October 5, 2005

Go ahead, you double-takers! Combine a former 90s CHR powerhouse, the same station name and combine it with a Shootout, a girl named Nikki, a guy who could hold his own at ANY of the old 90s CHR stations named Ronnie Philips, and some sawdust-kickin’ hell-raisin’ Beer drinkin’ Country Music and what do you have? The same high energy is present at Q104 as was there on January 15, 1985, when Dancin’ Danny Wright was captured on this very radio station playing a very different kind of music! But, no, Q104 is now a Country Station! The same rules seem to apply as in the old days: Have fun (or else)! This is a really good, but way too short scope of Ronnie Philips. Full length it was about 40 minutes, scoped down to just over six. But that’s how radio is today, we ...

QuickChexx: Mike Kennedy, 104.3 KBEQ Kansas City | 1992

“…on Q104, its the right music, right now!” Mike Kennedy starts his show on this little tiny scope of Q104. He has passes to the movie, “A League Of Their Own”, starring Tom Hanks. Was it really THAT long ago? This really sounds GOOD! And you’ll notice all the big hits being played from Boyz To Men, to U2. That probably means nothing to the Country listeners who have been with Q104 since adopting the Country format in 1993. This aircheck was recorded in the final year of it’s Top 40 incarnation, and so it really was the “End of the Road” for CHR KBEQ. Another, from Contributor Robyn Watts and California Aircheck!

Dancin’ Danny Wright, 104.3 KEBQ Kansas City

Who knew Danny Wright was such a hot CHR jock! Here’s a GREAT composite of a weekday featuring Dancin’ Danny Wright on Q104.3 Kansas City. Here’s the best of the decade of big hair and fantastic jingles, courtesy of new contributor Dave Erwin! Your task, as listeners, is to identify: 1. The jingles. Company and package. 2. Who was the program director? 3. What was the studio street address 4. (most important) – what is the exact date of this aircheck? We await your answers below. 🙂