94.3 KIKF

Tom Anthony, 94.3 KIKF Garden Grove, CA | January 23, 1982

Upon receiving this aircheck from Contributor Jeffrey Holland, I wondered to myself, was there REALLY a Country music station in the Los Angeles area called KIK-FM? Indeed, there was. Not only that, but there’s actually an information page online written by someone who was there. Most stations not considered ‘legendary’, its hard to find any info. This aircheck was scoped by the contributor, although we did made a few edits to the original to fix the spot where the tape ended on side one and continued on side two. Fans of what was, in the 80s, known as ‘New Country’ will note, 1982 was a VERY long time ago! Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker and other 60s & 70s staple artists are getting plenty of airplay. And while it SEEMS older than dirt, c...