92.9 WMFS

Syd, 92.9 WMFS “93X” Memphis | October 10, 2005

In October of 2005, as your webmaster was preparing to leave Memphis (the first time), I wanted to record a snapshot of the market as it was at that time. It’s also nice knowing the people who you record :). Syd, as I recall, was the promotions director for 93X as well as the midday host. 93X was live all day, and didn’t go jockless until midnight. It was the only Mainstream/Alternative Rock station in the city at that time and despite it’s low power (3.5 KW) still managed to show up in the ratings. Mainstream Rock had been the format of WMFS since 1996, when Belz Broadcasting first put the station on the air. The transmitter was/is in Bartlett, which meant that the signal did have city grade coverage to all of Memphis and the rest of Shelby county, although there were si...