Larry Tremaine, Border Blaster 1090 XERB | 1968

Just making a guess here, this was recorded at night. Lots of fading and at times the skywave signal cancels out the ground wave, but otherwise its a decent, albeit cleaned up recording that came in on cassette. Best guess at the jocks name is Larry Tremaine. Difficult to read the handwriting that was printed on the tape, but he does announce his name early on. Tremaine says he is in for Huggy Boy. Well, that would be referring to the much beloved Dick Hugg, whom we have featured doing his first show for KRTH K-Earth 101 on this site. Scoping this aircheck down proved to be pointless. The jock talks all thoughout the songs, the quality is poor enough that its doubtful anyone’s going to complain. The few commercials aired were also left in, perhaps someone remembers some of these XERB...

Composite: 800 XEROK Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua | 1974

John Long (WAVZ) was the Programming genius behind this short lived but fantastic Top 40 format, leased from the Mexican government on XEROK. Located just across the Rio Grande, this station was a ‘Superpower’ AM like none other. Actually, the real history of this ‘Border Blaster’, as it was called, starts in the early 1940s. The original call letters were XELO. In 1941, the station’s high-power transmitter was custom built, efficiently stepping the power up to 150,000 watts. While this is nothing by comparison to Powell Crosley’s WLW Cincinnati and it’s 500,000 watt transmitter, it is enough to make it easily the most powerful AM station in North America. In 1972, A group of American investors leased out XELO and launched a Top 40 format. The call...

Wolfman Jack, 1090 XERB Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico | April 12, 1970

Contributor Steven Green had this transferred from one of his reels – prized posession, we suspect :). This is an original recording of Wolfman Jack, made in the Spring of 1970. Authentic AM static, Southern California commercials and XERB jingles are all included! Its surprising this hasn’t turned up somewhere before now, but our contributor likely did not share this until now. This is certainly not some ‘bootleg’ Wolfman album or some promotional item from XERB! You will hear (parts) of songs not heard on radio’s airwaves for decades.

Chris Anderson, 690 XETRA Tijuana, Mexico | 1984

Contributor Chris Anderson sent in this short scope of himself at the legendary “Mighty 690”. Marketed back in the music days to Los Angeles (and San Diego), this super-powered AM station was in the last days of it’s Top 40 format and would flip to Oldies as ’69 Extra Gold’ later in 1984. I’m guessing July or August, as I was attending the U.S. Navy’s Radioman “A” School in San Diego at the time and remember the flip, which happened over a weekend. Chris sounds great here on 690. He was probably overjoyed at knowing that some 10 million people could listen in if they all tuned to 690 at once. But just imagine living in Tijuana close to the transmitter – the deejays voices probably could be heard on people’s kitchen appliance...