Ron O’Brien, WOKY Milwaukee | March 26, 1976

Station: 920 WOKY Milwaukee (Wikipedia) (Website) Format: Top 40 Branded: “Woky“, “The Mighty 92” Ownership: (Then) – Bartell (Now) – iHeartRadio Featured Air Personality: Big Ron O’Brien Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Airchexx #1609   WOKY, Great sinalong record that’s the Bellamy Brothers... Voluntary Subscription Options Yearly Subscription : $80.00 USD – yearlyMonthly : $10.00 USD – monthlyWeekly : $3.00 USD – weekly Curator’s Notes: Remembering the legacy that was Big Ron on the radio, here’s one that goes back to the early part of Ron’s career.  It’s also our first post highlighting Top 40 legend WOKY! Here are some other Big Ron O’Brien Airchexx that you may enjoy!: Ron O’Brien, WC...

The History of Black Radio With Dr. O.C. White And Jim Frazier, WAWA 1590 Milwaukee | February 10, 1987

Date of Recording: 02.10.1987 Station: 1590 WAWA (WCZN/WPWA) Milwaukee (West Allis), Wisconsin, USA Format: Black Gospel/Soul/R&B Featured Air Personalities: Dr. O. C. White, Jim Frazier Comments: Here is one of the most interesting airchecks I’ve heard in a long time. Dr. O.C. White and Jim Frazier talk about the history of Black radio from the days of 1590 WAWA about a year before the station went dark. The old jocks… where are they now and what stations were they heard? How did Black radio start? These questions are answered on this one hour recording. it’s a MUST LISTEN for anyone who wishes to know about Milwaukee area Black radio!

Dr. Bop Show, WAWA-FM Milwaukee | 1966

Date of Recording: 1966 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 102.1 WAWA-FM Milwaukee (Menomonee Falls), Wisconsin, USA (WLUM) Format: Black Gospel / R&B Featured Air Personality: Hoyt Locke (Dr. Bop) Contributor: James Edwards Comments: This goes way back to 1966. It’s a rare FM show, rare because there were very few FM stations that programmed popular music independently of a co-owned AM. Here, Dr. Bop mentions that some of the day’s programming is on FM only. This show is what would probably be classified today as Urban CHR… but in 1966 there was no such format, so we’ll just say it’s a mainly R&B oriented Top 40. A purely Rhythm and Blues station surely would never have played The Beatles!

Old Gold 1971 Remastered, Part 1 of 4

Going WAY back to the beginning of this website – well, okay, WAY back to the days when the radio industry trade circulated audio specials on vynl, here’s a completely re-mastered copy of one of the very first exhibits we had on airchexx way back in 2002! Old Gold was actually a vynl print – well, one could find it on vynl and on cassette in later years. The original copy we had obtained was on a worn out cassette and very muffled, but back then we were happy to post anything. Now, taken right from the record itself, a copy of Old Gold 1971. I’m posting this in four parts for easier listening. Beware, the vynl skips about 3 minutes in, during the WWDJ aircheck.. but not badly. Contained in this segment, in this order: WFIL Philadelphia – Dan Donovan KTSA San A...

Lou Roberts, 920 WOKY Milwaukee | March 23, 1976

Sounding more like this was a demo than an actual broadcast, here’s Lou Roberts playing Milwaukee’s hits one Winter day back in 1976. I swear, you can hear a turntable rumble on this recording. This was definitely not recorded off the air. It could have been a skimmer reel pulling the audio right off the main console, or it might be something which was recorded in a production room. If it’s the latter, then much care was taken to make it sound authentic. Roberts includes a short phone bit with a caller at the end of this aircheck. Another thing worth noting, this recording comes to us unscoped, and in excellent condition considering the age of this aircheck of an AM station. Unfortunately for you, this had to be telescoped before posting for copyright reasons. Listen for ...

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