Don Walker, 101.7 WKNZ Collins MS | May, 1982

Here’s a station where its very difficult to map out the history of the original station. In fact, we’re not sure exactly what station is on 101.7 since there are conflicting stations listed by different sources. It could be WLVZ – and that’s likely since the info comes from the FCC database, or it could be something else. We’ll leave it up to our listeners to figure it out for us. That’s why we have our comment feature (below). And, to confuse people further, there is a WKNZ in Delaware, on 88.7 called “The Way” today. I’m sure listeners can set us straight. You’ll notice a few things about this 5 minute scope. First, it is totally live and local. Reminds us of the numerous low-budget stations that were around in 1982. No loud im...