Muskogee OK

Joe Burnett, KBIX 1490 AM “Disco E” Muskogee, OK | 1981

Gone long enough so that there are no official logos anywhere to post with this, “Disco-E” means virtually nothing to us now, but perhaps back in 1981 when this was recorded, the Disco format this station obviously had at one point was still evident, although the playlist, while including such stiffs as Cher’s “Take Me Home” and The Brothers Johnson’s “Stomp” also included mainstream hits from artists such as Billy Joel and Bob Seger. This is all-too-short for us to really get a good feel for the station, but two things do come to mind. First, it was a music station on AM which was bucking the then-tide of stations flipping to Middle of the Road, AC or Oldies from the 50s & 60s, and instead playing contemporary, up-tempo hits. We also do...