107.5 WYHY (Lebanon TN)

Billy Brown, 107.5 WYHY Nashville | May 25, 1994

Recording Date: 05.25.1994 Station: 107.5 WYHY (@Y107) (WCOR-FM/WUSW/WRVW) Nashville, TN Format: CHR/Top 40 Branding: “Y107“; “The Outrageous FM“; “Nashville’s Number One Hit Music Station” Ownership: iHeart Media (Clear Channel/SFX Broadcasting) Featured Air Personality: “Downtown” Billy Brown Contributor: Robyn Watts Associated Air Talent: Coyote McCloud, Rhett Walker Total Time: 18:21 (Telescoped) Big day in the Music City tomorrow… This is aircheck #1,561 Curator’s Notes: With enough hyperlinks built in to research nearly everything associated with Nashville’s “Y107”, here’s a jock we never previously featured. Downtown Billy Brown wasn’t part of the original WYHY lineup but he sure sounds g...

Composite: WYHY Y-107 Nashville | May 25, 1994

Rhett Walker once told me that Y-107 had an incredible listener base right up till the day management pulled the plug. The apparent reason: The station name and logo had become synonymous with such outrageous on air behavior that local Christian preachers were having success in deterring advertisers from purchasing airtime… despite high ratings and incredible fan loyalty. All that to describe the atmosphere surrounding this station by 1994. About one year before the flip to “The River”, here’s the whole Y-107 bunch, Morning Zoo and all, scoped down to just under an hour.

WYHY Y-107 Nashville gets featured on 48 Hours | 1989

Sometime in the late 1980’s, the evening news program ’48 Hours’ did a segment on top 40 radio. Or, should I say, outrageous radio. Y-107 was so outrageous, it was prominently featured as a classic example of ‘sinful’ lifestyle (yes, Jerry Falwell was shown preaching against it.). This is priceless, if only to showcase just how big Nashville’s Y-107 was. If only they hadn’t blown it up – and a great many fans would agree with me.

QuickChexx: Hawk Harrison, WYHY Nashville | 1992 (approx)

Coming to you via the fabulously enormous Contributor Robyn Watts collection, here’s a selection from “East Coast Airchecks” Tape #32 entitled “Hot Night Jocks”. Hawk Harrison is no Coyote McCloud, but definitely cuts it as a hot night jock on one of the nation’s most notorious CHR stations – made so in no small part thanks to the efforts of televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, who called on ownership to pull the plug on the station and advertisers to stay away. Eventually, to a degree, it worked, as Y107 would change to AAA as “The River” – a format that continues to this day. Its another teaser aircheck at just under 5 minutes in length… with more to come shortly from Robyn Watts!

WYHY Y-107 Nashville – 1988

More Y-107 Nashville. This was the second offering from Rhett Walker – and it’s even better than the first. More of the broadcast day is heard on this one.

Coyote McCloud, Rhett Walker and the Y107 Morning Show, WYHY Nashville | November 19, 1987

We are greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Coyote McCloud. Here’s the story, printed in the Nashville Tennessean. Now, on with this classic aircheck.. First posted on the 3rd Saturday in May, 2002, here’s one of the first airchecks we put up! Courtesy of early Airchexx Contributor Rhett Walker, we present Y-107 Nashville and the zany morning crew of Coyote McCloud, Rhett Walker News & Buck Naked Traffic – along with a bit of the rest of the broadcast day. This station and the Toucan are long gone, and Nashville radio has never been the same. Runs 30 minutes, scoped.