101.3 WKCI “KC-101”

Tony Terzi, 101.3 WKCI KC101 (Hamden) New Haven | 1990

Just guessing here, but it sounds like 1990, judging from the hits of Madonna, New Kids on the Block, etc. Someone will guess closer, and that’s why we take comments! Tony Terzi is featured on this recording, doing the Top Ten at Ten! There’s just a hint of reverb, the whole recording is very classy, and there’s no overbearing imaging. Everything here sounds clean and well produced. Imaging by Charlie Van Dyke. Jingles by JAM. Terzi is working the phones here and airs a female winner from Milford whose really excited to be winning! We first posted this in 2009 and as with all good airchecks, sometimes they deserve to rotate around to the front again. Enjoy this slice of Connecticut CHR history from when the state had not one, but THREE Top 40 stations to choose from! This...

Big Rich Baker, 101.3 WKCI Hamden (New Haven) KC-101 FM | 1981

Date of Recording: 1981 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 101.3 WKCI Hamden (New Haven), Connecticut, USA Format: CHR Slogan: “KC-101” Featured Air Personality: Big Rich Baker Contributor: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS/CJMQ) Airchexx Entry: 1,500 Comments: Contributor Daniel Coulombe submitted this 8:45 scope of KC-101 as an unscoped 30 minute tape which we’ve been holding on to for a few years now. We know nothing about the jock, “Big” Rich Baker, but he comes across as pretty laid back. In fact, this recording shows a KC101 that seems more like an Adult Contemporary station than CHR. We’ll chalk that up to the year in music 1981, which was very soft rock oriented at nearly all the major stations. In our opinion, perhaps so much so that it helped put the whammy on ...

Willie B. & Floyd Wright, WKCI KC-101 Hamden/New Haven CT | 1979

Originally posted on 10/21/04 in Real Audio format. Kopps/Monahan was one of those small broadcast companies that believed in doing things right. In New Haven CT, their highly rated 13 WAVZ was a ratings success story. In 1979, they decided to launch the format on FM, flipping WKCI 101.3 to Top 40 as KC-101. Here is a composite from later in their first year… Starting with Willie B. (whom I think was on WAVZ, KC-101’s sister AM Station) finishing with ‘Friendly’ Floyd Wright. Wright was later heard on WTIC-FM Hartford, then on WWYZ Waterbury, after the format flipped from AC to Country in 1988. Update (12/16/11): These days, Wright is doing afternoons on Oldies 102.9 WDRC-FM.