101.3 WKCI “KC-101”

Willie B. & Floyd Wright, WKCI KC-101 Hamden/New Haven CT | 1979

Originally posted on 10/21/04 in Real Audio format. Kopps/Monahan was one of those small broadcast companies that believed in doing things right. In New Haven CT, their highly rated 13 WAVZ was a ratings success story. In 1979, they decided to launch the format on FM, flipping WKCI 101.3 to Top 40 as KC-101. Here is a composite from later in their first year… Starting with Willie B. (whom I think was on WAVZ, KC-101’s sister AM Station) finishing with ‘Friendly’ Floyd Wright. Wright was later heard on WTIC-FM Hartford, then on WWYZ Waterbury, after the format flipped from AC to Country in 1988. Update (12/16/11): These days, Wright is doing afternoons on Oldies 102.9 WDRC-FM.

Tony Terzy, WKCI KC-101 Hamden/New Haven | Undated

Found this in a pile of tapes – okay, that’s not very good housekeeping on our part, but this was sent in sometime since Oct. 09 and I wanted it posted, because it’s SO good! I believe this was recorded sometime in the early 90s. It features Tony Terzy (sp) in a scoped presentation that sounds light years better than the station does now. Listen closely, you’ll hear a hint of reverb as Terzy interacts with callers (a female contest winner from Milford, CT – hey, was that you?) and plays Connecticuts Hottest Music! Listening to this one more time… on the Top 10 at 10 here, Madonna, New Kids on the Block…? This has to be 1989. The station is imaged by Charlie Van Dyke! Oh yes, this is so awesome! This is KC-101 at it’s 90s best!