97.1 WEZB

QuickCheck: Nick Bazoo on WEZB B-97 New Orleans | 1982

Back in happier times in the Big Easy… Nick Bazoo. The name may not be familiar to those of us outside this market but the voice sure sounds familiar. This is short but a very high-intensity presentation in a tightly scoped aircheck. Talk about hot CHR! This will take you way back to the days when Pat Benatar was on Top 40 radio! And… it’s Mardi Gras time – so party on with Nick Bazoo on B-97!

Ben Cooper in the Morning, WEZB New Orleans’ Power Station B-97 | October 1987

Man there was some good radio in Nawleans! Listening to this recording, you notice the JAM jingles which were in common use at so many CHR stations. You also hear Cammie McCormick doing sidekick/news duties (she went on to be a CBS radio news anchor), and a promo done by our site friend Alan Beebe! All was well back in ’87 – and if you’re from the area, take a listen (if you’re not, listen anyway!). It’ll bring back some happy memories from before last year’s hurricane took it all away.