1010 WINS

Composite: WINS and WMGM New York | September 17, 1961

Date of Recording: 09.17.1961 Station(s): 1010 WINS / 1050 WMGM (WHN/WFAN/WUKQ/WEVD/WEPN) New York City, New York, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Talent: Various Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Comments: This is a great comparison between two competing Top 40 stations. 1961 was so early in the top 40 game that WABC was just in its infancy with its then-new format. This recording doesn’t include ABC. WINS, of course, went on to become the nation’s first All-News station. WMGM simply reverted to the previous call letters on 1050, WHN, and then after several years as an MOR station, became synonymous with Country Music in New York starting in 1973 for the next decade. More information about this aircheck is presented by visitor comments (below).

Murray the K, WINS New York | Sometime, 1962

Thanks to Ray Bozzanca for digging up this original tape of the old WINS with Murray the K at the helm. This one starts out wierd…. didn’t all his shows start out that way?. Now, this isn’t scoped quite the way you normally hear them. It IS scoped, but its kinda in haphazard fashion, in the sense that, Murray jumps in whenever he wants in a record, so the recording starts and stops in wierd places. Rather than attempt to fix it, I just left this recording as recieved One thing I forgot to ask our contributor but I’ll assume from the sound of the recording… Is this from the original Reel?

1010 WINS New York Reports on the Passing of Stan Brooks | December 24, 2013

“You Give Us 22 Minutes, We’ll Give You The World” That slogan, and the All-News format as we know it today owes its beginnings to the late Stan Brooks. Stan was the News Director in 1965 when WINS parent company, Westinghouse Broadcasting, approached him about building a 24 hour news format. At that time, WINS was still a Top 40 station, trying to compete with rivals WMCA and WABC, and was the first station in New York to do ‘top 40’. The news format launched in 1966, and the rest, as they say, is history. WINS aired its Stan Brooks story all evening on December 23rd when the story broke, and all day Christmas Eve. Lee Harris anchors this report and reveals more about Stan Brooks than most people know or remember.

Murray The K, 1010 WINS New York | March 17, 1961

Here’s something given to us a few years ago by Contributor Ray Bozzanca, recorded onto one of his reels. The audio quality is not that good but the historical value certainly IS! Listen for old Dodge car commercials, pimple cream commercials… lots of live ads, live promotions of Murray the K’s upcoming live appearance on Long Island. In 1961, WINS was a pioneering radio station in the world of Top 40 radio. In fact, the station wasn’t really Top 40 in the truest sense, in that they played whatever was popular along with older material that they thought the audience would enjoy. For example, this show begins with Murray the K’s opening jingle (about a minute long!) then Murray goes right into a Frank Sinatra record! Granted, this particular program, Kaufman sa...

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy, 2012 – Part 2, Various Stations (CT/NY) | October 28, 2012 – 7-8 AM

Running 33 minutes, here’s part two of our coverage of Hurricane Sandy recorded on Monday morning, 8-10 hours before landfall. The reason for recording this, was to document radio’s coverage and response to a major emergency. The only editing of this recording done was to remove most of the commercials and music, where it was played. Note the tone of each broadcaster, and content of each station this particular morning. Before the storm’s effects were fully felt, the Tri-State region was already in lockdown, Connecticut’s governor had already closed all roads in the state, and New York City was already beginning to see flooding in Lower Manhattan. And still, listening to this recording, note that aside from WTIC and WINS, other stations were mentioning Sandy, but ba...

New York City Blackout – Radio Coverage | July 13, 1977 – Reloaded

July… Heat, Humidity, Hot Dogs… you know the drill. Often, especially in the Northeast, one of those cool fronts brings relief but they also bring trouble. This particular night in 1977 is remembered by nearly every New Yorker around back then. It started off as a miserably hot day, then a BIG storm front blew in… but it was only one of a chain of events that would leave Big Apple residents in the dark. Radio covered it well. Lots of audio from WABC, WCBS, WINS & others.