1560 WQEW

Les Davis, 1560 WQEW New York | October 15, 1998

After the demise of Big Band and Standards on the old WNEW AM “Eleven Three Oh”, a group of jocks approached the ownership of Classical WQXR about starting up a Standards format to fill the void left by WNEW. What happened next was a wonderful warm station with glowing personalities and a format that to some degree was even better than what MetroMedia had developed at WNEW. WQXR-AM soon became WQEW and for many years, it WAS the de-facto industry standard by which all ‘Standards’ formats were judged. Here’s a 41 minute recording of the Les Davis show on WQEW. Listen for a promo for the upcoming Batt Johnson show. You’ll hear some fading, as this was likely recorded in the evening hours some distance from New York City. Courtesy of early Contributor Joe T...