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Blizzard Coverage, WCBS (AM) 880 New York | January 26, 2015

Date of Recording: 01.26.2015 Station: WCBS 880 New York City, New York, USA Format: News Featured Air Talent: Tonya Hansen (anchor), Bob Larsen (Meteorologist) Contributor: Steve West (Steve Sawyer) (WCAT/WFGL/WFMP/WHAI/WEZL/KOUL/KLTG/WINQ/WOGY/WMBZ/WGKX/WJZN/WMC-FM/RadioMaxMusic/WCTZ HitOldies/Airchexx) Aircheck Entry: 1,480 … All told, we expect 18 to 24 inches of snow to accumulate… The Blizzard of 2015 was really the blizzard that wasn’t, at least for New York City, western parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts and parts north. Go to Central and Eastern Long Island, Connectict, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and it was a completely different story, as nearly two feet did fall during the storm. Heavy snow, extreme cold and high winds are nothing unusual for those in th...

WCBS 880 Announces the Return of Oldies on 101.1 WCBS-FM | July 12, 2007

After the ill-fated “Jack-FM” format crashed and burned, CBS brass woke up to the fact that blowing up the personality-heavy Oldies format on 101.1 FM probably wasn’t the wisest thing. Listen now as All News WCBS 880 interviews Cousin Bruce Morrow and Bob Shannon about the return of CBS-FM! Narrated by your webmaster, this includes a great WCBS-FM jingle montage at the end you won’t want to miss! Thanks to contributor Gary Podoto for providing the WCBS 880 aircheck!

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy 2012 – Part 4 – WCBS Newsradio 880 New York | October 29, 2012

Recorded by Webmaster Steve West… Continuing our weekly analysis of radio coverage of ‘Superstorm’ Sandy, here’s another segment of coverage on WCBS 880. Pausing for a moment, we’d like to dedicate this portion of coverage to the team of meteorologists who spent days sweating over weather maps and tried, successfully, to persuede authorities to take this storm seriously in the face of so many who say weathermen hype up storms that don’t always live up to their billing. In particular, the team at the Weather Channel (although I’m not terribly happy with NBC Universal for dismantling the 24/7 weather engine this channel was in favor of mildly interesting shows like Ice Road Truckers, etc… shows surrounded by weather updates), and in particular,...

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy, 2012 – Part 1 – WCBS 880 New York | October 28, 2012, 3pm-5pm

Hurricane Sandy. Has any storm ever put more fear into the hearts of people? The storm caused more damage than any before it, with losses in the Billions, and personal losses that can’t be expressed. Why post radio coverage of a tragedy such as this? Several reasons. First, as with the media coverage of 9/11/01, these recordings represent history and belong in an online audio museum such as ours, just as the audio history of WW2, Vietnam, Korea, and even the comedic ‘Old Time Radio’ of the 1930s belongs. Some will say they can’t listen. Some will listen, but not until their lives are back to some sense of normality. Others will listen out of curiocity, living in places away from the damage and destruction. Whatever your feelings about this, I’ve decided to pos...