97.1 WYNY

Dick Summer; “Mouth vs Ear”, 97.1 WYNY New York | January 1979

Dick Summer has become a good friend to us here at Airchexx and its always great when he sends in something REALLY special. This time, we’re back in New York, at 30 Rock and the studios of WYNY “New York 97”. The control room is packed for another exciting edition of “Mouth vs Ear”. Dick said, “The Mouth (my friends and I) always won because we cheated”. And… they say that at the start. Now, this is WAY better than Jeopardy. And Dick Summer is BETTER than Alex Trebeck. Of course, radio is the theater of the mind, therefore you don’t have or need visual props to make you think– which you MUST do if you’re going to beat the mouth, which of course, few do because… altogether now.. WE CHEAT! Barry Manilow calls in about mi...

Chris Gable, 97.1 WYNY New York | Sometime, 1979

Believe it or not, this is scoped down from a two hour file to only 3 minutes. A testament to the way people recorded music in the days before CD ripping and mp3 downloads, the source tape was chocked full of complete songs, but most of the ‘other’ elements, which we at this website prize, such as the DJ talk, jingles, news and commercials were all edited out of the original contribution. Most likely that is how this was originally recorded back in 1979 – hey, we all did it at one time or another – a true music lover who didn’t care to wait till the DJ stopped speaking… which is why apps like Pandora, Slacker and other pure music-to-mobile device apps are so popular today. Some things never change over time, just the delivery mechanism. So it is we have ...

Bruce Bradley, 97.1 WYNY New York | Summer, 1980

One of our original contributors from way back in 2002, Alan Fletcher, included this on something he called “AM/FM Snippets”. There were two discs, as I recall and some tapes that he had sent also. This is an excerpt from the original Volume 1, featuring Bruce Bradley in AM drive. It’s from, I THINK, July of ’77 based upon the material surrounding this 8+ minute scope. You’ll also hear some news from Jack Welby, a longtime voice of the old “New York 97”. The Late Bruce Bradley was probably best known for his on air work at WBZ Boston, first in the early 1960s during it’s Top 40 days, and then later, during the mid and late 80s after his time at WYNY. Bradley held down afternoons for quite a while in Boston and was a perfect fit there. We don&...

Dick Summer, “New York 97” WYNY (97.1) | 1979

A recent contribution from Ray Bozzanca, this scoped recording of fan favorite Dick Summer on the old AC station WYNY from 1979 when it was still at 97.1 FM. This is somewhat of a disappointment, since much of Summer’s content was edited out of the original recording. Frankly, I’m surprised that more airchecks don’t come in this way, since many of us recorded the radio for the music, not the DJ patter. Still, there’s enough of Summer’s personality coming through to make this a worthwhile aircheck. Surprisingly, we get about two minutes of WYNY news at the 3/4 mark of this recording. No commercials, but you will hear a few old WYNY jingles. Notice the music. Barry Manilow, Dolly Parton, and lots of Beatles. This was Gold-Based AC before the term existed.

Margaret Jones, 97 WYNY New York | Autumn 1979

Contributor Ray Bozzanca was one of many fans of the late Margaret Jones, as evidenced by this letter sent by her in response to our contributor’s writing to her. Ray wrote: Attached is the letter Margaret sent to me along with her signed photo from 1979.I spoke to Margaret on the phone while she was in the WYNY studio and was just as pleasant sounding on the phone as she was on the air. Margaret Jones was one of those few unique (for 1979) women in radio who had both the perfect voice and an incredibly warm and inviting personality. In your webmaster’s humble opinion, she was a perfect fit for the gold-based AC format that WYNY featured at the time. She passed away on July 21, 2009. The Dover Post (Delaware) printed a beautiful obituary for her which you can read by clicking h...

Jere Sullivan, 97.1 WYNY New York | 1980

Courtesy of Contributor Ray Bozzanca we have another classic from the old “New York 97” WYNY from it’s AC format at 97.1. There’s really no way to tell what the exact date is, but we know it’s from 1980. In sending this along, Ray had just written to describe what he recorded his airchecks on: Back in 1972 when I was still in high school,I bought a Dynaco FM 5 tuner kit form to do tape recordings from that time period.It had a fantastic sound being the fuss pot I was about audio quality back then.I had the choice of the AF 6 which was out by dynaco which was AM/FM.