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98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 5 | April 29, 2012

Here’s the final segment of the final day broadcast of 98.7 Kiss-FM. WRKS began it’s life in June, 1981, the call letters chosen by then-parent company RKO General. They stood for RKO-Station. RKO-General had up till that time, a long history of creating exciting Top 40 (CHR) formats at some of the largest radio stations in the United States, including KHJ Los Angeles, KFRC San Francisco, WRKO Boston, and the format that was on 98.7 New York from October 1972 until June 1981, WXLO, known then as 99X. When WXLO transitioned from Top 40 to Adult Contemporary in 1980, the station’s ratings tanked, and in 1981, RKO General decided to take WXLO in a different direction, this time morphing into a station that played a heavy rotation of Disco and Rhythmic/Dance hits, with little...

98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 4 | April 29, 2012

This entire section is the “Champagne & Bubbles” show of love songs – or as it was always referred to as The Sexiest show on the Radio by host Andre Harrell. This is completely ‘scoped and runs 16:20 in total. But even scoped, listen to the songs played during this show – WOW! Imagine yourself with your significant other listening to this over a candlelight dinner – or elsewhere! Andre Harrell did a masterful job of maintaining a music format in the final hours of Kiss-FM, and saying goodbye in a classy way without going over the top. The final minute of this aircheck finds “Champagne and Bubbles” ending, and the beginning of “The Hour Of Power” with Reverend Al Sharpton, who calls his show in live from Los Angeles. Unfortuna...

98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 3 | April 29, 2012

Part 3 picks up toward the end of Felix Hernandez’s “Rhythm Review”. Before the conclusion of the final ‘Rhythm’ show on Kiss-FM however, various voices appear to say their goodbyes – and not for the last time on this final broadcast day as some would appear in the final moments before the flip to ESPN (wouldn’t YOU if you were in their shoes?). Appearing (not in order): Barry Mason, Toya Beasley, Lenny Green, Shayla. So many good words spoken to pay tribute to a 30 year tradition of serving the community – and constant reminders that the Kiss-FM ‘family’ will live on (in parts) at 107.5 WBLS. At the conclusion of Rhythm Review, it’s on to Champaign & Bubles with Andre Harell. The former President & CEO of Motown R...

Chuck Leonard, WRKS 98.7 Kiss-FM New York | November, 1987

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, here’s Chuck Leonard (WABC, WQEW)and a reasonably short scope (just a few breaks) of Mr. Leonard and a lot of historically significant advertisements. The imaging isn’t over the top here, but the music was certainly edgy for its time. If you remember 98.7 Kiss (they DON’T call it Kiss-FM here) from it’s heyday, this aircheck is for you!

98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 2 | April 29, 2012

Part two of the Final Broadcast day at New York’s 98.7 Kiss-FM begins where part one left off. Some parting words from the Open Line program, then it’s on to the not-quite-final “Rhythm Review” featuring host Felix Hernandez. As Felix’s guests this day: Barry Mason and Chris Murray. Scoped down, you get a feel for the atmosphere as the personalities know it’s their final time in the WRKS studio, but, as they make constant references to, the show doesn’t end, it simply moves to 107.5 WBLS. Constant produced pieces remind listeners that the staffs of Kiss-FM and WBLS are merging and implore listeners to follow their favorite jocks down the dial. The Final Day Of 98.7 Kiss-FM | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | The End |  

98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 1 | April 29, 2012

The final broadcast of New York’s Kiss-FM starts here. The ‘tape’ rolls at about 9:55 AM at the start of Kiss-FM’s “Open Line”, normally a community affairs program where the hosts take calls, however, this program, being the final one on 98.7, is different. The hosts are taking the opportunity to say goodbye, and open up the lines to chat with listeners. This is long, running almost 2 and a half hours, partly scoped only to remove the few whole songs and full stop sets. Listen, as some of these callers voice their anger at 98.7 being changed to ESPN! The history of 98.7 in New York is long and full of twists. We have many airchecks of this station over the years, Click this link to surf our selections from its time as 99X WXLO. The Final Day Of 98.7 Kis...