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William B. Williams Farewell; Bob Jones, WNEW 1130 New York, Part 1 | August 3, 1986

Somewhere, in some vault, there is a master recording of this tribute to the late William B. Williams. But, for this website dedicated to classic radio, perhaps it’s better that we present the following original ‘off the air’ recording, made by Contributor Ira Warren Patasnik on a simple table radio.. CORRECTION (10/27/10) – Our Contributor actually has a nice recording setup, as he contacted Airchexx to describe; “I recorded it off a Technics by Panasonic FM/AM Stereo Receiver SA 300 that was 30 watts per channel and recorded it on a JVC KD-W7 Stereo Double Cassette Deck Recorder at Normal Speed in DNR Dolby Noise Reduction.” Nice. We’ve got something similar here at the Airchexx studio. Thanks for the correction. We received several tapes from ou...

Composite: 77 WABC New York | 1972

Every now and then a new WABC aircheck appears out of the woodwork. From contributor Paul Ford is this brief composite of a day on the air at MusicRadio 77 starting with Harry Harrison in the morning, then moving on to the late, great Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie, Chuck Leonard and even Jay Reynolds! The audio quality is superb, as is the reverb and those great PAMS jingles used in ’72!

Jack Spector, 570 WMCA New York | 1967

Curiously, we’ve never featured anything by Jack Spector. Now, courtesy of contributor Paul Ford, we take a listen to a very high quality recording of WMCA Good Guy Jack Spector. This is short, but compare this, early 60s approach to Top 40 with any of our ‘checks of crosstown 77 WABC during this time and you’ll instantly notice the difference! WABCs streamlined, yet personaility/jingled approach to the format buried WMCA. Jack Spector is great, however. WMCA would change formats away from Top 40 in just a few short years, but here, the station is full of energy!

103.5 WAPP Lake Success/New York | January 3, 1983

One recording we didn’t post when Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks sent us a bunch in ’07 was this aircheck of AOR station WAPP. Now, WAPP, for a time, was a great rock station after having changed formats from WTFM Beautiful Music sometime in 1982. By 1983 it was time for a change, and while this is essentially still a hard rock station in January of that year, it would flip to CHR a few months later. Darryl Hall & John Oates sounds conspicuously out of place sandwiched in between Jethro Tull and Journey, but it’s certainly a sign of things to come – Best example of this kind of change might have been 94.5 WCOZ Boston, which after ditching the “Kick Ass Rock n Roll” hard Rock format from John Sebastian, found itself lost in a world of some hard roc...

Cousin Brucie, WCBS-FM New York Radio Greats Reunion | June 09, 1988

WCBS-FM is known for it’s “Radio Greats Reunions” every few years. Back in 1988, this one reunion weekend, Cousin Brucie had friend and former fellow jock Les Marshack as his phone in guest as they went back in time with airchecks and discussion of the day Marshack took over from Roby Younge on WABC. If you haven’t heard this, its an interesting look back to when WCBS really played up 1960s radio and music… one can thank Joe McCoy for this great programming on WCBS-FM, back when it really WAS New York’s OLDIES station!

Mark Simone, 77 WABC New York | July 21, 2007

Good radio shows don’t last forever and at some point the “Saturday Night Oldies” show on WABC with Mark Simone will probably go away. I think, in fact, it’s been re-branded as just the “Saturday Night Show” and I’m not sure he does the format re-creation anymore. So it was with that in mind that in 2010, I decided to post a noisy recording from July of ’07. For those who never heard this show, WABC added this program right after WCBS-FM dropped oldies in favor of the “Jack-FM” format, trying to capitalize on the tremendous heritage that WABC had as a music station. Mark Simone is a consummate professional, able to host a talk show on WABC and be very serious talking politics, and yet still be a fantastic disc jockey – he sh...

Norm N Nite, WCBS-FM 101 New York | November 22, 1981

Recently, we featured the legendary Bobby Jay on WCBS-FM. Now, after numerous requests, here’s something from Norm N Nite. Contributor Ray Bozzanca says of this aircheck, On May 1,1982 Norm N Nite would start the Top 20 countdown shows on WCBS FM N.Y. The first Top 20 countdown show featured the year 1966.This aircheck is from Novemeber 22 of 1981 when Norm N Nite would countdown the Top 10 songs of 1961 in his last hour of his show.

QuickCheck: Sky Walker, WPLJ ‘Power 95’ New York | August 28, 1990

Date of Recording: 08.28.1990 Station: 95.5 WPLJ New York Format: HotAC Ownership: ABC Featured Air Personality: Sky Walker Original Post Date: 04.11.2010 Re-post Date: 11.19.2017 Original Comments: In this all-too-short QuickCheck, Sky Walker runs a TIGHT board, playing the hits of the day in the CHR incarnation of WPLJ. It wouldn’t be long before the station would morph into a HotAc station, but here, it’s all Top 40!