Palm Springs

Tom Anthony, KPLM Palm Springs | August 5, 1994

From Country Music’s heyday of the 1990s, we go far out west to Palm Springs, where its 89 degrees (f) at 8 in the morning! Yes, it gets warm early in this oasis town in the middle of desert sand, and Country music was heard even here in 1994. The station is known as “Palm Country 106” and according to your webmaster, is the only other station using this particular set of jingles that he’s heard, other than those in use from 1994-1996 at 103.7 KOUL Corpus Christi. He’s sure there were plenty of others who did, however… Tom Anthony is filling in the morning show for Jim West. Ford Michaels does news, and you’ll hear one and a half newscasts in this full aircheck that spans just shy of one hour twenty minutes in length. We think it’s important ...