Patchogue NY

Sample: 106.1 WBLI Patchogue NY | June 18, 1997

Lesson: How to edit a 45 minute cassette side down to four and a half minutes? Patience. A CHR/Dance mix format, excellent jock doing PM Drive and jingles that actually sound good and fit the music all highlight this scope, which spans 45 minutes from 3:20 – 4:05PM. Remember that this was on the air two years after Telcom ’96 was signed into law and at this point, this and most other big market stations were still mostly live and untouched by the voicetrack machines. Sound like a station you’d listen to today? I know I would. Today, 106.1 WBLI is still CHR, owned by Cox Media.

Bill Houston, 98.3 WKJY Patchogue NY | 1990

Courtesy of Contributor Ray Bozzanca, here’s a short glimpse into the previous Oldies format at 98.3 WKJY. Ray writes: Oh back around 1989 or 1990 Bill Chamberlin AKA Bill Houston fills in on an overnite shift on “The New WKJY” Bill Houston is featured elsewhere on this website, at WJDM, WHLI and WLNG. Runs a brief three minutes, fifty seconds.