950 WPEN

Joe Niagra, 95 WPEN Philadelphia | Undated

Posting just in time for the format and call letter change this date to Family Radio programming, this came to us with no date, but the music is mainly late 70s fare. Joe Niagra is the jock. WPEN here sounds like a full-service AC and you’ll hear all the great elements that made good radio including traffic and a full newscast. Courtesy of our good friends at Big Apple Airchecks!

Geoff Fox, 95 WPEN Philadelphia | Sometime, 1978

Geoff Fox and WPEN both have exciting histories – Fox was an AM Top 40 Deejay before obtaining a degree in meteorology and launching a career in Television. He was a longtime Weatherman for WTNH News 8 in New Haven, CT before being let go in 2010 (in favor of a young female Meteorologist). Fox moved to NBC Connecticut in Bristol shortly afterwards. WPEN – 95 PEN as it was know by through most of the 1970s, was a pop music station, with more of an AC lean to the format towards the end of the 70s’, before flipping to Adult Standards in 1980. WPEN was also a pioneer in the use of Motorola ‘C-Quam’ AM Stereo through much of the 1980s, 1990s and even the early 2000s. Recorded in 1978, here’s Geoff Fox sounding fantastic as a Top 40 personality – I’...