98.1 WOGL

Mike St. John, 98.1 WOGL “Oldies 98” Philadelphia, Part 1 | September 9, 2001

From new Contributor Joseph Anthony, a two-part clip of WOGL and it’s original OLDIES format featuring the hits from 1955-1975. While it seems like Oldies has been dying a slow death, actually it’s only been the past five years or so that the 50s and 60s music has been replaced and the format morphed into “Classic Hits” from the 70s, 80s and even early 90s at most former Oldies outlets. That said, Here’s Mike St. John, filling in for Hy Lit just two days before the 9/11 attacks (that date mentioned as a point of reference).

Big Ron O’Brien, 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia | April 24, 2006

Big Ron O’Brien (October 24, 1951 – April 27, 2008) was well known for his talent, quick wit and warm personality. He is fondly remembered by friends and listeners alike. Recorded just over two years before his passing, here’s Big Ron in a new, scoped aircheck highlighting the voice that listeners became familiar with over the six year period O’Brien was on the air at WOGL. As was his way, Ron O’Brien was upbeat and so easy to listen to. Here he’s playing the best of the 60s and 70s – the Oldies format that so many loved at WOGL and elsewhere, before the format was mostly retired in favor of 70s/80s music. In addition to WOGL, Big Ron O’Brien was on the air all over the United States. He started his career at KUDL Kansas City in 1969. After t...

Mike St. John, Oldies 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia | November 5, 1997

WOGL no longer identifies itself as “Oldies 98”, as many stations in recent years have dropped most music from the 1960s and even early 70s from their playlists. However, the “Oldies” format was alive and well in the late 90s. Here’s a 45 minute ‘check of WOGL Philadelphia, featuring Mike St. John. It was recorded during the midday drive time between 11:30 am and 12:15 pm on 11/5/97. Fans of WOGL are cordially invited to comment on this world-premier aircheck presentation!