100.7 WXXP

90s Sample: 100.7 WXXP New Kensington PA

The recording date is unknown for this sample of 1990s 100.7 Double-X. Oddly enough, there’s very little information available on this radio station, so listener input is very important as we log the history of radio.

Launch Day, 100.7 WXXP Pittsburgh | June 15, 1986

Nothing like an aircheck with no historical reference… Given that the tape that this was recorded on only lists this aircheck as having been recorded in June of ’86, we can only guess as to the date. There is one promo in the middle of this recording that says, ‘on June 15, 1986 WWCL becomes WXXP’… and the fact that the aircheck is all new Rock and ‘100.7 Double-X’ liners using the WXXP call letters. This leads us to believe that this was recorded on launch day, 6/15/86, or perhaps a day or two either side of it. We’ll go with 6/15 for the purposes of this exhibit. The format apparently didn’t last very long. On 8/22/88, 100.7 FM became WMXP, and then a succession of formats and call letters happened over the years, the last being on 1/...