1410 KQV

Jim Quinn, 1410 KQV Pittsburgh | May, 1971

Date of Recording: 05.xx.1971 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 1410 KQV Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Jim Quinn Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,459 “Once again, we are giving away hot pants!” Comments: Sounding much as if a table microphone was placed in front of a transistor radio speaker, here’s a quick aircheck of Jim Quinn. Quinn runs a very up-tempo show and has a good sense of humor. There is a promotion going on, giving away ‘hot pants’. The first break you hear there’s a winner on the phone. KQV was the leading Top 40 station in Pittsburgh in 1971 – an era before FM listening had caught up with AM. You’ll enjoy this 4:25 scope of 14/KQV! Click to Donate Now!

Dave (and Greg) Scott, 14 KQV Pittsburgh | August 1, 1966

This is an interesting aircheck in the respect that DJ Dave (corrected) Scott promotes that his son Greg is going on – and does in this 16 minute scope of mid-60s “Audio KQV”. KQV is a unique radio station from a number of different standpoints. First, it is still known by the only set of call letters ever issued to it dating all the way back to 1922. The station itself first went on the air in 1919, only weeks after the first station dedicated for broadcasting. WBZ Springfield MA. It took 3 years to get an actual broadcast license for KQV, however. The top 40 era at KQV began on January 13, 1958. Many later-to-be famous deejays were heard on KQV over the years, including TV game show announcer Rod Roddy “…Come On Down!”, and somebody known as Jeff Chris...

Jim Carnegie, 1410 KQV Pittsburgh | Winter, 1973

At only 3 minutes in length, our first look at Fun Lovin’ KQV from sometime during the Winter of 1973. The tape was labelled August 73, but with a chance of snow in the forecast, its an obvious mistake. Here’s Jim Carnegie. We know nothing about Jim or his career (somebody out there does), but he sounds personable and upbeat on the station which is famous for two things, besides being the Top 40 ratings leader in the 70s. First, KQV was actually the very FIRST radio station in the world to go on the air. At the time, November 19, 1919, it was an Amateur licence, 8ZAE This pre-dated KDKA’s actual first COMMERCIAL license which occurred on November 2, 1920. KQV didn’t actually get it’s commercial license until January 9, 1922. All this is important why? Well, it...