1510 WXVX

Chad Stevens, 1510 WXVX “X-15” Monroeville (Pittsburgh)

Updates thanks to contributor Chris Cuomo. When one looks up ‘1510 Pittsburgh’ or something similar, WPGR-AM shows up, as a small signal member station of St. Josephs Mission and broadcasts Catholic programs 24-7. For whomever can hear the station’s 1000 watts.. or who tries at night, as the station transmits a whopping ONE watt! Well, okay, at least it’s still on the air. Our Contributor writes that, indeed, the current station is lucky to be around, The attached apartment building (which was occupied at the time I was at the station) supposedly burned down around 2000. I’m going back home to Pennsylvania this month. If I get around to it – and if it’s safe – I’ll try to get some current photos. X-15 was considered to be, by some, an e...