96.1 WHTX

QuickChexx: Larry Richards, 96.1 WHTX Pittsburgh

Does anyone suppose that there’s such a thing as a dead frequency? How about a ‘failed’ frequency? Okay, lets completely rephrase this. Just how many times, do you suppose, does one radio station need to change format and call letters until the respective owners find one that manages to grab and keep and audience and ratings? Since 1960, 96.1 in Pittsburgh has had EIGHT different call letters and even more formats. Perhaps the most successful of the 20th century was the Country format with the calls WXKX, “96 Kicks”. The station seems to have hit its stride since 2000, with a CHR format known as “Kiss 96.9”. Enough history. Okay, we’re all about history… Confused yet? This is very short, just over two minutes and includes a couple of br...